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Crafting ingredients and weapons in Sons of the Forest.
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March 17, 2023: We've compiled all of our Sons of the Forest guides for our readers.

Looking to make a great start in Sons of the Forest before you're eaten alive? Our Sons of the Forest guides hub should be able to help. It's a central index of our past, present, and future guides for the games all neatly organised into categories. So if you're confused about anything or want to go in with heaps of knowledge to impress your squad, read on.


We'll be keeping this page updated with every Sons of the Forest guide we put out on release. Check back often for any new ones - they might just cover a topic you're confused about or otherwise wouldn't even know exists. We'll bold the latest ones, too, so you can easily see our latest how-to's.

For more survival game guides, check out the Vampire Survivors character list. And if you just enjoy those types of bullet hell titles on the go, check out the tier list and matching codes guide for freebies and pointers.

Sons of the Forest guides








Sons of the Forest guides order

Clicking any old guide at random won't really help you complete Sons of the Forest. Each major item requires another to get you there. If you're not sure how to go about things, here's the general complete order as we understand it.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Get the rebreather
  3. Get the warm suit
  4. Get the rope gun
  1. Use those three items to get the shovel
  2. Use the shovel to get the Maintenance keycard
  3. Use the maintenance keycard to get the VIP keycard
  4. Use the VIP keycard to get the Guest keycard
  5. ???

And that's it for now. For guides on the original game, check out how to drink water in The Forest, or how to make rope. We also have guides on how to make a bow and arrow and how to get the rebreather.