How to get bones in Sons of the Forest - SotF bone farming methods

Sons of the Forest bodies

Sons of the Forest bodies
April 7, 2023: Read on to know the strategy on farming bones in Sons of the Forest.

Want to know how to farm bones in Sons of the Forest? This is what you should know before making a push for the exit. Sons of the Forest is a pretty cryptic game. For quite some time, we have received teases, little bits of information, and much more. With the release finally on the horizon, we're about to learn a lot more. But here's what we know ahead of the first run.

Down below, we'll be going over not only what we know about bones in Sons of the Forest, but how to set up a bone farm and what they are used for. There is still much we don't know but we will continue to update you here as more information comes in.

Now that you're here, you're probably looking for as much information as you can find. If so, here are the complete Sons of the Forest system requirements. If you want even more, here are the Sons of the Forest enemies, and our Sons of the Forest release date countdown.

How to farm bones in Sons of the Forest

As the game is only now launching, our information is largely based on our time with the previous game and trailers.

We know that bones are in the game as we can see cannibals holding them in trailers. This being said, there's still a lot we don't know. It seems like you can get bones by killing enemies holding them or by harvesting them from their bodies.

Showing a skull to Cannibals in Sons of the Forest.
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If you burn a cannibal's body on the fire, you should be granted a number of bones. The final amount depends on the size of the defeated enemy, so bigger, tougher monsters will generally offer more bones. Similarly, the more limbs a target has, the more bones you can expect

Bones in Sons of the Forest may also be looted around the world - or forest, if you will. You should also be able to get them by searching through caves and knocking down effigies. If you are looking to set up a farm, you can funnel cannibals through corridors and buildings, where you have traps and guns set up to take them all down for easy bone farming.

What are bones used for in Sons of the Forest?

We don't have a full recipe list just yet but they were used in the previous game to craft bone armour, arrows, buildings, and even upgrade your spear. Bone is a strong material that you should be able to use very early on.

If you fancy playing the previous game before this one, we have loads of information. Here's how to find The Forest rebreather location, The Forest chainsaw location, and how to make arrows in The Forest. If the follow-up is anything like The Forest, it is sure to be huge.

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