Sons of the Forest keycard locations and doors - Maintenance, VIP, Guest, and more

Picking up a keycard in Sons of the Forest.

Picking up a keycard in Sons of the Forest.

Just like before, a Sons of the Forest keycard will get you far, and this list of Sons of the Forest keycard locations and doors will help you find (and use) the Maintenance keycard, VIP keycard, Guest keycard, and however many others we might find along the way.

Surviving in Sons of the Forest often means just setting up camp and fending off cannibals. Beating the game, however, requires bravery. Bravery and intuition. You need to prepare to head into the wilderness and do what you can to uncover secrets, grabbing better equipment as you go. Keycards play a major role in the cycle.

For more tips and how-tos, check out our Sons of the Forest guides hub. It's a large index of our current and future pointers, with specifics like how to use the zipline and how to get the rebreather being popular reads right now.

How do I get keycards in Sons of the Forest? - Maintenance, VIP, and Guest keycard locations and doors

It's early days for Sons of the Forest yet, but players have been finding keycards and plenty of places to use them. You generally need one to open the area of the next, so follow these in order to get the Maintenance keycard, the VIP keycard, and the Guest keycard to progress the story.

In The Forest, the keycard was on its own. Colloquially known as the end game card because of its effect, Sons of the Forest uses many keycards to progress the story instead.

The Maintenance Keycard location in Sons of the Forest.
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Maintenance Keycard location

The Maintenance Keycard is the first you'll need to find, but you'll need the shovel to uncover its location.

You'll need to head to the area on the map above and dig a little until you uncover the hatch entrance to Maintenance A. Go down the hatch and walk to the end of the tunnel. Take a right into the room and you'll find the Maintenance Keycard on the table by the laptop.

The VIP keycard location in Sons of the Forest.
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VIP Keycard location - Maintenance Keycard door

Right now, the first major keycard in the game is found in Bunker A. Check the screenshot above for a quick look at where that is. Squeeze yourself between the rocks in the ground and make your way down. You'll come across a hatch in the cave, leading you into Bunker A.

Once you're down the ladder, make your way to the double doors in the right-most corner of the room. Scan the Maintenance keycard to get into the hydroponics room and through the steam room. Take a left and start swimming through the flooded areas and jump through the tight areas of shelving.

Keep swimming through the rooms until you spot a door on the left of a corridor. Make your way through and you should appear in the security room. You'll find the VIP Keycard on the rear-left desk

Guest Keycard location - VIP Keycard door

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The Guest Keycard can be found by squeezing through a crevice in the area shown on the map above. Run to the end of the corridor and take a left as you approach the doorway. Take a right at the end of the next and go through the double doors.

Use your VIP Keycard and make your way through the building until you reach two staircases and an entranceway. Go up the staircase to the left of the doors and keep going forward through the nightclub. You'll find the Guest Keycard on a table with a corpse on top on the rear right side of the room.

Where do I use the Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest?

We're not entirely sure where to use the Guest keycard yet. Check back in the coming days if you're still struggling. We'll update things here once we know more.

What are keycards in Sons of the Forest?

Keycards are keys. In the shape of cards. It's that simple, honestly. Adding a light sci-fi or military twist the lore of the forest, you'll use keycards throughout Sons of the Forest to open locked doors. These doors can lead to new treasures, new areas, or both.

Simply put, if you're going to progress the story in Sons of the Forest, you're going to need keycards. A lot of keycards, to be exact. There isn't just a single door that will lead you to the end of your journey. Like a good mystery, it's all about revisiting old locations until everything ties back together.

There are bound to be more keycards for us to find and use in Sons of the Forest, but these are the first three you'll want to find first. Because even obtaining the shovel to nab the first one requires things like the rebreather and rope gun for the zipwire, don't worry about grabbing these keys if haven't found the shovel yet. You're a few steps away.

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