How to find the Sons of the Forest shovel location

The Sons of the Forest shovel

The Sons of the Forest shovel

If you're looking for the Sons of the Forest shovel location, here's what you need to know. Sons of the Forest can be a pretty tough game if you don't know what you're doing, but there are quite a few tools you can use to make it a little easier for yourself. In a survival horror scenario, it's the best you can hope for.

The shovel can be used to shape the ground around, making it much easier to build your own bases. This makes it an incredibly valuable tool the further you get into the game.

If you're looking to get all the information you can on the game, load up our Sons of the Forest guides hub for a full list. For specifics, here's how to get bones in Sons of the Forest, our complete Sons of the Forest enemies list, and the Sons of the Forest system requirements.

Sons of the Forest shovel location

Unfortunately, you won't get the shovel for quite some time. You need both the rebreather and a rope gun.

When you have both of those, alongside a shelter and some equipment, you can finally try to get your hands on the shovel. You can find it near the snowy mountain in a cave. You can see the location below

Sons of the Forest shovel location
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The rebreather will allow you to make your way through the water in the cave and the rope gun will give you the ability to make a zipline into the system.

The cave itself is easy to explore and well-signposted but you will need some weapons to take on enemies you find. The shovel will be beside a dead body in the cave.

If you're looking to know what to do with that shovel, it is an incredibly important part of base building. Here are the best Sons of the Forest base locations, whether or not we think we will get Sons of the Forest crossplay and Sons of the Forest cross platform. There is truly so much to do in the game.

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