How to use ziplines in Sons of the Forest

A zipline in The Forest and Sons of the Forest.

A zipline in The Forest and Sons of the Forest.

Can't quite figure out how to use ziplines in Sons of the Forest? We'll help you soar. Whether you're scurrying around the cliffs or diving deep into caves and ravines, you're bound to come across ziplines in your time with Sons of the Forest. But how you go about using them isn't always clear. Here's what to do if you see one.

Ziplines are an integral method of traversal in the multiplayer sequel to The Forest. They featured in that first game, too, so while you'll likely already know how to use them if you're familiar with the first title, anyone else likely has no clue.

For more teachings, check out our Sons of the Forest guides hub for a whole list of tips and hints. For specifics, check out how to get the shovel, how to get the rebreather, and how to assign hotkeys. You'll come across a zipline on your way to the shovel, so you'll really need to read on.

How to use ziplines in Sons of the Forest

When you come across a zipline in Sons of the Forest, you'll likely try to use a rope to slide down. While that makes a lot of sense, it won't work here. Instead, you need a rope gun to wind down the handy apparatus.

With the rope gun in hand, just interact with the zipline to slide on down to wherever it's connected. In a cave, it's a great way to make it over a chasm. Just be sure not to let go. There's no coming back from that unless you learned how to save right before.

How to create ziplines in Sons of the Forest

Now you know how to use ziplines that are available already in the game, you can also make your own ziplines to traverse various obstacles and explore unknown areas.

Players will need the zipline rope gun, rope, and some grappling hooks. Just 3D print the hooks at 3D printers in dungeons and will cost 100 ML per print.

After getting the right items, equip the zipline rope gun and make sure to press R on the keyboard to reload. It will load the zipline rope and grappling hook into the gun.

Aim the zipline rope gun at the starting position of your zipline until a white circle appears. This means this starting point is viable and is safe to fire the gun. Fire the gun to fix the zipline starting point.

Now take the gun and aim at the desired end position of the zipline. You will know if the location is viable if a white circle also appears. Fire the gun when ready.

You have now completed your own zipline and it can now be used to traverse to another area. You can zipline back and forth with the rope, which is a big advantage in getting in and out of your bases, exploration, and more.

And that should be about all you need to know about ziplines in Sons of the Forest right now. Check out our blueprints and crafting recipes list to learn how to make your own ziplines. They won't be much use before you get the rope gun, but they'll make your life much easier once you do.

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