How to find the Sons of the Forest rope gun - Location and how to use it

Enemies in Sons of the Forest

Enemies in Sons of the Forest

Finding the Sons of the Forest rope gun location can be a little hard you don't even know where to begin. That much is obvious. Luckily, we have everything you need to know, including how to traverse the cave you find it in, and what to do if you get stuck. Just keep reading to make the walking simulator feel like a walk in the park.

Tools are an incredibly valuable part of Sons of the Forest, so you want to make sure you're leveraging their worth to your greatest ability. The rope gun is one of the most important traversal tools in the game, so make sure to find it early so that you don't have any awkwardly lengthly lulls in your adventure.

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Sons of the Forest rope gun location - How to get the rope gun

If you're looking to get the rope gun, you can find it close to the plane when you start on the easier modes. Over at the left side of the map, you will find a cave. The rope gun is held in it. You can see its location on the map below

Sons of the Forest rope gun location
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Once you have reached this location, you should make sure you have some form of shelter as well as some equipment. You want to make sure you can take on most enemies when alone. You will also need some form of explosive to get the rope fun itself.

Once you are inside the cave, you'll find dead bodies strewn around, alongside some lights. Activate your lighter and go deeper in. Follow the path forward and to the left until you find a passageway going upwards.

You should then reach another hold - go in and follow it. The cave system is mostly fairly linear, so just follow any lights you see and you should reach the end.

After a few minutes of following the path, hugging to the left wall and killing enemies, you should come across a small enemy blocking your path. Throw an explosive at them to clear the way forward.

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