How to get the Rescued Book in Sons of the Forest

You're going to want to know how to find the Rescued Book in Sons of the Forest sooner or later. Every item in the open-world multiplayer survival horror title has a purpose, and it's easy to miss some important ones when you're sprinting away from monsters.

Sons of the Forest is an open-world game, but only in the lightest sense of the term. You're free to roam. You'll just need to hit up some key locations in a specific order to see the end of it. And this is part of that master plan.

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How to get the Rescued Book in Sons of the Forest

The Rescued Book in Sons of the Forest is an unassumed item you'll find hidden away in a bunker. Head to the spot on the map screen below and look out for a slightly raised structure jutting out from the terrain as you turn away from the coastline. That's where you'll find the Rescued Book.

The bunker location containing the Rescued Book in Sons of the Forest.
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Scan your VIP Keycard at the entrance and head inside. Walk through the concrete stairwells and the three rooms that follow. Brave more stairwells and you'll eventually come across a few more rooms. Head into the door on the right of the area that looks a little like a sci-fi gallery and you should come across a dorm room.

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Once the room opens up, you should easily eyeball the Rescued Book resting on the table. Add it to your inventory and make your way back outside. If it's your first time here, though, you might want to grab the pajamas while you're at it. It'll save you a trip back later on.

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