How to get the Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest - Crafting recipe and materials

The Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest.

The Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest.
April 7, 2023: Read on to know how to get the Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest.

Ass the new multiplayer survival horror title takes systems from its predecessor, you're going to want to know how to get the Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest sooner or later. It's a divisive piece of equipment, but one that certainly has its worth if you're hoping to survive out in the wilderness.

Down below, we're going to make a quick attempt to explain how to get, or craft, a Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest. This multiplayer follow-up to the 2014 single-player adventure is set to be a crowd-pleaser, and it makes sense to imagine some of the core systems returning to help this game build on what came before.

For more how-to content, check out our Sons of the Forest guides hub. We're constantly updating it with new articles, and you can expect heaps more once the game formally releases on Steam through the early access program.

How to get the Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest

Assuming the Warm Suit is available in Sons of the Forest during the early access period, here's how to go about finding or crafting the essential piece of kit.

The Warm Suit (officially known as the Warmsuit) is a craftable item you can make by combining skins, cloth, and rope. You'll need the skins of a number of different animals, however, so expect to go on quite the expedition to find them all. Here's the recipe:

Sons of the Forest Warm Suit crafting recipe

  • 1x Raccoon Skin
  • 4x Boar Skin
  • 6x Deer Skin
  • 1x Rabbit Fur
  • 2x Cloth
  • 2x Rope

Once you the materials, just splice them together on your workbench to create the Warm Suit.

What does the Warm Suit do in Sons of the Forest?

The Warm Suit is used as protection against the colder weather and elements in Sons of the Forest. If you don't want to feel the chilly effects of the climate on your expedition, equipping the Warm Suit will help.

Because it takes up every armour slot and offers no protection, however, the Warm Suit is best used as a means to survive in situations where the only risk is the weather. Take a hit from an enemy or monster and you'll feel it.

For this, the Warm Suit in Sons of the Forest is best used when swimming in cold waters. Alongside the Rebreather, it's an essential piece of equipment when foraging out in the drink.

For a few more pointers, check out how to get bones in Sons of the Forest if you're in need of a versatile crafting material.

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