How to get the sword in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot of sword katana in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot of sword katana in Sons of the Forest

In this guide, we'll teach you how to get the sword in Sons of the Forest. In Sons of the Forest, you'll encounter a variety of melee weapons that may help you in your playing experience. One of these weapons is the sword katana, which is a formidable melee weapon to slice your way through enemies.

This weapon is very useful for swinging around and cutting up enemies. Its speed allows you swing continuously and prevent enemies from attacking you. Though take note of the katana's limited damage compared to other weapons.

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Screenshot of sword katana found in the bedroom of Sons of the Forest
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How to get the sword in Sons of the Forest

The katana sword in Sons of the Forest is a powerful weapon if you're into slicing your way through enemies and being quick with your movement. It's highly recommended for players who are good with timing and are agile in-game. However, do take note it doesn't have any blocking power, so be careful of your defence.

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The katana sword is another one of the easiest weapons to find in the game. It's also very useful for chopping off the cannibals. To find it, you'll just have to go to a bunker which is south-east of a snowy mountain, then head to the right side of a huge lake. Make sure you first find the keycard to access the bunker.

In getting the keycard, you'll need to find the Rebreather and Rope Gun so you can get the shovel to dig around. Once you have the shovel and the other items, you can head to an area in the north-west of the snowy area to dig towards a hatch, open it, and descend towards a basement to find the keycard.

After getting the keycard, you can head back up to return to the katana sword's location at the south-east bunker. Once you do that, you'll find a narrow entrance between two huge boulders. Do take note as well that there will be some cannibals to try and stop you, so better to have a decent weapon like a shotgun to defend yourself.

Upon entering the bunker, head to level two using the keycard and open the locked doors. You'll find a series of rooms, but you should look for a bedroom. Be careful, as there are more mutants inside the bunker too. When you find the bedroom, you can get the sword on the holder of a large desk. You'll be able to pick it up and place it in your inventory. Besides that, you'll also find the putter, some golden armour, and a golden mask within the bunker.

With that, we hope you'll be able to find and use the sword to its fullest potential. Plus, manifest your inner Kill Bill when slaying enemies. While you're still here, try checking out our other Sons of the Forest guides such as how to get bones and how to use ziplines.

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