How to get the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest - Gun location, ammo, and more

Knowing how to get the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest is something you might not even think you need to know. You'll naturally come across a bunch of different guns and weapon types throughout your time in the forest, but if you're just now thinking you might need it to, you're in luck: it isn't hard to track down early in the game.

Not to be confused with the Stun Baton, which is a melee-only weapon you can get even earlier in your time in the woods, the Sons of the Forest Stun Gun is a ranged weapon that relies on ammo to temporarily subdue distant targets. It's great for shutting down fast animals for food, but it's best used in an emergency to get mutants off your tail.

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How to get the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest - Cave location and map

You can get the Stun Gun almost as soon as you start your journey in Sons of the Forest. Once you gain control of your character in the woods, grab the items in the area and make your way to the larger of the two beaches on your map.

The cave location where the stun gun is in Sons of the Forest.
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You can refer to the image above for a good look at where to go, but if it's not making much sense to you, try this: Come onto the central area of the beach through the clearing in the woods. Get to the coastline and turn left. Keep heading in that direction and you should be able to spot a lifeless body hanging against the rocks by the water in the distance.

Hug the small cliffs to the left at this point on and you should soon come across a tiny cove with some buckets and a pipe sticking out of the ground. Inside this little rocky alcove is an entrance to the cave.

How to get into the Stun Gun cave in Sons of the Forest

As you'll notice, the entrance to the cave hiding the Stun Gun is blocked by horizontal wooden panels. If you haven't dabbled in crafting yet, you might not know that you have a simple solution to this puzzle right in your back.

Open your inventory and equip the axe. Swing the axe at the wooden barricade until it's completely removed. Once all the planks are gone, you should see a prompt to enter the cavern.

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Finding the Stun Gun location in the Sons of the Forest cave

Once you're in the cave, things can get a little tricky. If you want, turn up the brightness in the game settings to make things a bit easier. You won't come across any scary creatures in here, so don't worry about rushing through. It's a long, dark cave, but the flares you can find in the entrance area can help illuminate your path if you haven't made a torch yet.

Just keep making your way deeper and deeper into the cave and you should eventually hear some rock music blasting out of a hanging speaker. Keep heading further in and you'll reach the end of the cave, with some light peering through one of the connected, cosy bunkers guiding you there.

In that little chamber, you'll also find the body of a person wearing a bright hazmat suit. Alongside them is a box. Open the box to find the Stun Gun and add it to your inventory.

How to get more Stun Gun ammo

Stun Gun ammo is difficult to come across, but there's quite a lot of it out there. Two easy locations are on a lifeless body in the cave just before the hanging speaker, and in a box near right by the helicopter you crashed from.

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