How to use GPS locator in Sons of the Forest

a gps locator being used in Sons of the Forest

a gps locator being used in Sons of the Forest

You'll need to know how to use the GPS locator in Sons of the Forest to ensure you don't get lost. Sons of the Forest ,the co-op survival horror game by Endnight Games, was an overnight hit. And whether you have a couple of friends willing to tag along on your adventures or not, the GPS is what you'll be relying on to find every key item.

The game features GPS locators that can help you find various resources during your playthrough, but figuring out how they work can be tricky. Unlike the previous game, the new GPS locators are much more convenient thanks to a waypoint system guiding players to collectibles and secrets.

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How to place the Sons of the Forest GPS locator

The GPS locator has a few restrictions that you should know about. It cannot be placed on the ground or on a tree. You will need to put it on top of a stick, which is something a lot of players might not be able to figure out when they run into a locator for the first time.

character using a GPS locator in Sons of the forest
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Find a stick that you can mount the GPS locator on and open up your inventory to equip it. Once you have the stick in your hand, look at any location on the ground where you want to place it and you will see some options that pop up. Left-click on your mouse to switch between the options until you see a small white circle on the ground. Simply right-click on the ground and the stick will be placed.

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Once the stick is firmly planted on the ground, open up your inventory and equip the GPS locator. The locators can be found inside your briefcase which is indicated in the top left side of your inventory. Open up your map and you will be able to see the GPS locator on it.

If you want to move the GPS locator to another spot, you need to get close to the stick and press C to retrieve it. This will return the GPS locator back to your inventory and you will be able to mark other locations on the map.

How to use the Sons of the Forest GPS locator on companions

The locators can also be attached to companions. If you want to attach it to a companion, simply equip the locator in your hand and hover your mouse above your companion’s head, and right-click. If you lose your companions, you can now use the map to track them down which can be very useful during the early stages of the game when you don’t know the map layout.

using the GPS Locator in your inventory in Sons of the Forest
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You should use the GPS locator as you progress to mark all important locations. Using them on companions is also a great idea if you do not want to lose track of them. For more Sons of the Forest, content check out our Forest keycard locations guide. You can also learn how to use a zipline for better mobility.

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