Sons of the Forest DLC release date speculation and what we want to see

The character attacks the enemy in Sons of the Forest.

The character attacks the enemy in Sons of the Forest.

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The developers have already explained many of their plans for Sons of the Forest DLC, and there's room for more from the early access title. The most wishlisted game on Steam at the time of release, it isn't hard to imagine woodland survivors wanting more. Here's what we know about if (and when) Sons of the Forest DLC might come along.

Sons of the Forest is a brand-new game where you need to survive in a forest filled with cannibal tribes and mutants. Being an early access title, there's plenty left to add to the game before it's considered feature-complete. But there's every chance we'll see more added in the months that follow, too.

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Will there be a DLC for Sons of the Forest?

According to this interview, the developers of Sons of the Forest are planning to add some kind of post-launch DLC. It's reported you'll be able to get it for free, too - sort of like a bonus for supporting the creation of the game through the early access period.

That's about it in terms of details right now, but with hotkeys added in a post-launch patch just a couple of days into the game's release, the future of Sons of the Forest content could be bright.

Two dead sharks on the beach in Sons of the Forest.
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What do we want to see in the Sons of the Forest DLC?

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, we can’t say for sure what kind of content will be released in the post-launch DLC. It can be anything from new enemies and weapons, to new areas and alternative endings.

In the interview mentioned above, the developers said that the game will have only one playable character, so don't expect new playable characters with different backgrounds and skills. Unless the popularity of Kelvin has convinced the team otherwise, that is.

As for our expectations, more enemies, structures, mechanics, and instruments and easy to imagine. Sons of the Forest DLC could potentially expand the game’s lore and story if the developers add new areas or caves.

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The previous game - The Forest - is filled with features worth adding and revisiting for DLC. For example, The Forest allows you to create effigies from sticks, stones, and cannibal body parts. These things are able to scare some cannibals and protect your territory, making them worthwhile strategies to employ in future runs.

One trailer even showed absent solar panels. Unless they're cut content at this point, either expect them in an early access update or the game's post-launch DLC. They obviously a very useful renewable, portable energy source for survivalists.

Finally, the game features a 3D Printer to create various items. The DLC could bring some new crafting recipes or blueprints for the versatile machine. The sled is a popular one, but the grapping hook, flask, mask, and arrows all highlight the device's potential uses.

Are you excited about this free DLC for Sons of the Forest? We will share any new information related to it as soon as it pops up! But before that, you can read our guide on how to use ziplines, as well as how to use GPS locator in Sons of the Forest.

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