3D Printing Expert Made A Controllable Apex Legends Loot Tick In Real Life

The loot tick robot in Apex Legends is a little pyramid that blows up to show players what they have earned or purchased. Those who play Apex Legends Ranked or have memorized the Apex Legends weapon tier list have probably seen this tick pretty often. A 3D printing expert decided to make it real and assembled this tiny creature and brought it to life using many hours, gears, and tools.

Not just 3D-printed, but a controllable loot tick that makes noise, lights up, and attacks smaller ticks. If ever it goes on sale, I'll get one. There is much more to 3d printing than meets the eye. This is definitely one of the coolest things we've seen heading into Apex Legends Season 11.

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3D Printed Apex Legends toy

I would consider this a toy since it looks like so much fun. Even the little rumble move it does before exploding is present. As well as the attention to detail, it looks like something a collector would pay hundreds of dollars for.

Respawn Entertainment can expand these ideas upon future toys, so Apex Legends needs to hire this man as a consultant. How much would collectors be willing to pay for real-life versions of things seen in the game? While I'm still waiting for a Fallout Pip-boy (Bethesda disappointed with 76), Apex Legends has a living tick!

As the process is long and laborious, we don't blame you if you do not watch the whole video. It's a great blueprint for anyone who wants to know what it takes to make something like this.

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