Can you make effigies in Sons of the Forest?

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The character is somewhere in the forest next to the dead bodies in Sons of the Forest.
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Wondering if you can make effigies in Sons of the Forest? Just like The Forest, Sons of the Forest is a survival game where you have to explore a huge forest and fight against numerous tribes of cannibals that inhabit an area with a missing persons mystery behind it, and effigies played a major part in how to tackle the story in the first game.

These constructions were present in The Forest and people loved them. It is some kind of a calling card of the game - a signature feature, almost. In this guide, we will discuss how effigies worked, why they were so popular, and what we know about them in Sons of the Forest.


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Can you make effigies in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately, according to the information we have so far, you can’t make effigies in Sons of the Forest.

The game is still in the Early Access stage, though, so don't give up hope. The developers have already added hotkeys mere days after the launch of the game, answering players' requests at rapid speed.


An effigies system isn't quite so simple a thing to add out of the blue, though, so it could take some time So, the developers will add lots of cool features in the upcoming updates.

Effigies could be released in the future, but we can't say for certain. It's down to the scope of the game more than the hopes and dreams of the players. If they don't fit in the gameplay loop, there's no real reason to use resources on them.

The character is on the beach in Sons of the Forest.

What are effigies and why were they popular in The Forest?

In The Forest, effigies were special structures you could build with sticks, rocks, and cannibal body parts.

These structures were used to mark your territory and scare some cannibals. In order to activate them, you had to set them on fire. After that, burning effigies caused an effect similar to the Red Paint effect, scaring some (but not all) cannibals.

Some of them can be scared by your effigies, while others were instead lured to and enranged into attacking because of them. If the developers add effigies to the sequel, expect the structures to work likely in largely the same way.


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