How to get the Cross in Sons of the Forest

The character attacks a cannibal in Sons of the Forest.

The character attacks a cannibal in Sons of the Forest.

Need tips on how to get the Cross in Sons of the Forest? You're in the right place. There are lots of interesting items you can find in the new survival game, with one of those being the Cross. This collectible can be quite problematic to obtain, so a bit of help won't go amiss. It's hard enough out there already.

Like many others, this item can be found inside the cave network running underneath the titular forest. But given they rarely link up, you'll need to find the precise entrance of a specific one to find this rare item.

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How to get cross in Sons of the Forest

The Cross can be found in one of the western caves. It is located to the west of the mountain area. There you will see a bunch of rivers, and you need to search for a cave near them. Its location is marked on the map above.

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The cave you are looking for has its entrance blocked with wooden planks. So, you will need to use your axe to break them. After that, get inside the cave and follow the next steps:

The Cross location on the map in Sons of the Forest.
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  • Near the cave entrance, you will see a flashlight and some loot.
  • Walk through this tunnel and turn right.
  • Continue to go through the tunnel until you reach a cliff.
  • Jump off this cliff and look around.
  • You will see a huge cave filled with various objects.
  • You will have to go to the right side and search for another flashlight. It should be easy to see.
  • If you look closely then you will see that this flashlight leaves a cross-like shadow on the wall. It means that there is a cross in front of it.
  • Go to the flashlight and pick up the Cross.

The Cross is not the hardest thing to get, but once you've got it that's one exciting adventure complete.

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