Best Furina build in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact hydro archon furina focalors sitting on char thinking

Furina is the Hydro Archon of Justice. She is a confirmed playable character in Genshin Impact. Learn about Furina's best build, weapons, and artifacts with our handy guide.

While at the time of writing, she's not yet been released, we have a fairly good estimate for her release date. So get your materials and Primogems ready on time!

Let's explore the complex backstory of Furina, whose childish demeanour masks a painful past, and investigate the twisted state of affairs in Fontaine.

Who is Furina in Genshin Impact?

Furina is the current vessel of the Hydro Archon and the current ruler of Fontaine. Her appearance is that of a young girl with aristocratic attire and light blue hair to represent the theme of her element Hydro. Her personality is described by Neuvillete as being prone to hysterics, lacking patience and prone to temper tantrums. This might be due to her young age as an archon as she replaced the previous Hydro Archon after the Cataclysm 500 years ago.

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The previous Hydro Archon passed away defending the country and passed the mantle onto Furina. However, many powerful opposers spread out across the world, such as Rhodea of Loch, did not recognise Furina as the new Hydro Archon and cut all ties with Fontaine. Furina currently spends her days bored in the court of Fontaine that she regularly visits, waiting for something to change.

There is also a prophecy involving her that says that the kingdom of Fontaine will drown in the rain, with the Hydro Archon weeping alone afterwards. This will most probably be the central plot of the upcoming Genshin Impact Fontaine storyline.

When is Furina coming out?

Furina will release as a 5-star character during the next few patches in Genshin Impact. Hoyoverse wishes to balance the discrepancy between male and female 5-star characters, so they will likely not release Furina during the Genshin Impact 4.1 update. However, similar to Nahida's release in Genshin Impact 3.2, we will most probably see Furina's release in Genshin Impact 4.2 update on 8 November.

Best Furina artifact sets

The brand new artifact set introduced in Fontaine, the Nymph's Dream, is likely to be Furina's best-in-slot artifact. It provides a 15% Hydro Damage boost and then provides stacking attack and Hydro DMG buffs based on normal attacks. It's a very versatile artifact set and is probably tailored for Furina.

Genshin Impact Nymph's dream artifact set
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Best Furina weapons

While her weapon of choice is not confirmed yet, most people are convinced it will be a sword. This is different from all the previous archons and seems to synergise well with her intended artifact set.

Her best 5-star weapon will likely release alongside her banner and be optimised for her abilities and playstyle. Lots of speculation and many trusted leakers suggest that her abilities involve buffing the part in exchange for health. Furina might turn out to be a powerful Hydro DPS with an HP-based playstyle similar to Hu Tao, or a powerful party buffer like Bennett.


Best Furina teams

Depending on the direction Hoyoverse goes with her kit, Furina can fit into a variety of teams. Archons tend to be some of the most powerful and meta-defining characters in the game. There is currently a lack of a buffer archon, and Furina might fill this slot. If this happens, we can imagine her taking the role of a support character that provides buffs as well as Hydro Element application, allowing her to fit into a variety of teams. We'll update this information as we learn more about her abilities, kit and playstyle.

That's all you know to know about the Hydro Archon Furina! We're excited to learn more about her lore and will update you with the latest information. In the meantime, be sure to check all we know so far about Clorinde.

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