Genshin Impact Alhaitham - Release date, Vision, weapon, and more

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Genshin Impact's Al-Haitham character in the game
August 11: Hoyoverse has released another trailer, confirming Alhaitham's weapon.

The recent leak showing off a whole cast of Sumerian Genshin Impact Characters had one that, literally, stood head and shoulders above the rest: Alhaitham.

He is another Dendro user hailing from the newest lands, and is likely to be involved with the story in more ways than one - but remember, all of the information here is leaked, and unconfirmed.

Keep up to date with all the leaks and news about Genshin Impact with our pages for Version 2.8, the later Version 3.0, and everything we know about the Dendro Vision. There's also our codes page for free Primogems.


Genshin Impact - Alhaitham release rate

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Alhaitham is rumoured to release later in Version 3, possibly in update 3.4. The first wave of new characters will be Tighnari, Dori, and Collei in 3.0.


Who is Alhaitham?

There's been a lot of rumours already around this character, and they first named him as 'Su Expy'. This is due to his apparent likeness to Su from Honkai Impact - expy meaning exported character. We now know that the tall man is Alhaitham.

His story is relatively unknown, other than he has a previous past relationship of some sort with Zhongli - this means he's probably older than he looks. He is regarded as having genius level intellect, and is part of the Haravatat in Sumeru's Akedemiya. This branch of the institute studies runes, ruins, and ancient artifacts. This potentially gives an idea of how we will meet Alhaitham in Port Omos.

He may possibly be named after Ib al-Haytham, an Egyptian mathematician and astronomer.

What is Al Haitham's Elemental Vision?

As a Sumerian, Alhaitham will use a Dendro Vision. This is the same for some other new characters too, as the region is famed for the Dendro users, much like Inazuma with Electro Visions.

We see in the latest trailer a glimpse of his Vision on his cape.


What weapon does Alhaitham use?

Alhaitham in new trailer
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Our assumptions were correct: Alhaitham is now confirmed to wield a sword as seen in the latest trailer.

We don't know whether he will have purely attack skills or any healing, so for now we'd suggest a strong option like the Skyward Blade or Freedom-Sworn.


What are Alhaitham's skills?

Each Genshin Impact character has two skills and a passive ability. One of the skills takes longer to charge, and is a stronger attack. For now, there are no leaks that pertain to Alhaitham's particular skills.