Genshin Impact YaoYao - Everything We Know

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Genshin Impact YaoYao

Here's everything we know about the mysterious Genshin Impact YaoYao, including a possible release date, her weapon, and her likely abilities.

We've not yet met YaoYao in-game, but other characters do talk about her. Ningguang mentions how Ganyu has taken Yaoyao under her wing, but that she's grown a little too obsessed with seafood after hanging out on The Crux. Beidou confirms this, saying how the girl loves to come and visit the ship when it's in port, but refuses to leave when it's time to heave anchor.

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What Is the Genshin Impact YaoYao Release Date?

Currently, there are no leaks or rumours as to when YaoYao will appear as a playable character. We're nearly at Version 2.8, the last Inazuma update. If the Genshin Impact preview trailer is to be believed, Sumeru is the next realm we'll visit after Inazuma, so maybe Yaoyao will feature sooner rather than later.


What Element Does YaoYao Use?

According to leaks, YaoYao will have a Dendro Vision. This is likely why we haven't seen her, as she will appear in the Sumeru story.


Who Is YaoYao?

YaoYao currently is a bit of a mystery in Genshin lore. We've seen a picture of her - she appeared on an event artwork alongside QiQi and Paimon - but nothing has been confirmed about the character.

The young girl was a junior disciple to Xiangling when they studied under the same martial arts master. Yaoyao was then taken in by the secretary to the Liyue Qixing, Ganyu, and assists her with day-to-day work.

Genshin Impact YaoYao Build and Abilities

Right now, we don't know a whole lot about YaoYao's potential build and her abilities. As a Dendro character, the possibilities are currently a mystery, so we'll need to wait for some Dendro users to be revealed before we make any assumptions.

It is likely that the best choice for Artifacts will be new Dendro-related ones found in the Sumeru region.

Genshin Impact YaoYao Weapon

Dataminers have revealed that Yaoyao is most likely a catalyst user, but there hasn't been any news in regards to a specific unique weapon she uses. However, there are already plenty of strong catalysts in the game that she could use if and when she arrives.