Genshin Impact Charlotte build guide - Best artifacts, weapons, and team comps

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Genshin Impact Charlotte holding camera

Charlotte in Genshin Impact is an upcoming playable character, possibly slated for release in the 4.1 update or subsequent versions. Her initial appearance was marked by her introduction during a live stream event, where fans got a glimpse of her journalistic abilities and personality in Sumeru. As the first Fontaine character to be showcased, she might hold the role of an introductory character, helping players delve into the lore and culture of the new region.

Further research and leaks have helped us discover that she holds a Cryo Vision, which means that she will definitely become a playable Cryo character in the near future. With the release of Fontaine, this might very well be upon us soon. Until then, here is a list of the information we’ve managed to gather through looks for the potential best Charlotte build, including weapons, abilities, and artifact sets.

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What is Charlotte's role in Genshin Impact?

Based on the details revealed so far, Charlotte seems to be a Cryo character, evidenced by the Cryo vision displayed on her right leg. While her exact abilities and play style are yet to unveil, her role as a Steambird journalist from Fontaine and her Kamera are important. This might mean that her abilities have something to do with the act of taking photos. Similar to Nahida’s Elemental Skill, Charlotte’s abilities might involve her taking snapshots of her enemies and applying Cryo DMG.

Given her background, Charlotte could be a support character, utilising Cryo abilities to control the battlefield and provide utility to the team. Her role will most likely be that of a Cryo Sub-DPS or support, depending on how you build her.

Genshin Impact trailer charlotte doing ok symbol
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Best weapon for Charlotte in Genshin Impact - Skyward Atlas

Skyward Atlas is an exceptional 5-star catalyst for Charlotte because of its ability to boost her elemental damage and energy recharge. As a Cryo support character, Charlotte can utilise the weapon's passive effect, "Wandering Clouds," which increases Elemental Damage Bonus with an Elemental Burst hit and grants an Energy Particle for each opponent hit.

This effect would enhance her Cryo abilities' potency while allowing her to charge her Burst more frequently to support her team.

Best alternative weapon for Charlotte in Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Fragments

If Skyward Atlas isn't available, the "Sacrificial Fragments" is an excellent alternative for Charlotte. This weapon's passive has a chance to end the cooldown of her Elemental Skill, which could be invaluable for increasing her crowd control capabilities. With more frequent use of her Elemental Skill, she can consistently apply Cryo effects and control the battlefield, benefiting both her supportive role and the overall team composition.

These weapon choices take into consideration Charlotte's potential play style as a Cryo support character and aim to enhance her elemental abilities and utility within the team.

Best artifact for Charlotte in Genshin Impact

For artifacts, a set that enhances Cryo damage and supports her supportive role would be ideal. Artifact sets that could synergise well with Charlotte include the Blizzard Strayer set and the Wanderer's Troupe set. The Blizzard Strayer set augments Cryo damage by 20% and Cryo DMG Bonus by 20% when enemies succumb to Cryo effects. On the other hand, the Wanderer's Troupe set enhances Elemental Mastery by 80 and elevates Charged Attack DMG by 35%.

The "Noblesse Oblige" set, which increases Elemental Burst damage and provides an Elemental Burst damage bonus to the entire team upon triggering Charlotte's Burst, could be a strong choice. This would amplify her utility and make her a valuable asset in Cryo-focused team composition. Speculation suggests that her kit will be focused on being a Cryo Sub DPS. In this case, the Noblesse Oblige is excellent for using her to support your main DPS.

genshin impact noblesse oblige artifact set
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Charlotte's interaction with Mona and Fontaine lore in Genshin Impact

Charlotte's connection to Mona and her role in The Steambird newspaper company adds depth to the world-building of Fontaine. The fact that they both work for the same paper company implies a shared background, potentially leading to interactions between the two characters in the game.

This connection also suggests that Charlotte's abilities and play style might have some ties to journalism or communication, which could end up giving us a really interesting set of abilities.

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Best Charlotte team composition in Genshin Impact

Charlotte can be a valuable asset to a variety of team compositions. She is a good support character for Cryo-focused teams, and she can be used in a freeze team with characters like Ayaka and Ganyu. She can also be used in a melt team with characters like Bennett and Xiangling.

Charlotte's status as an upcoming Cryo Fontanian character is already generating excitement. Her ties to the Fontaine region, connection with Mona, and role as a Steambird journalist all hint at a character with a rich backstory and gameplay mechanics related to her Kamera.


She is still under development, so her exact abilities and play style may change before she is released. However, based on the information that has been revealed so far, she has the potential to be a valuable addition to any team. We will update this piece with Charlotte's abilities, best build and teams as we get more information.

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