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Looking to plan ahead with a Genshin Impact Lyney build? Alongside some light Lyney release date speculation, we've got you. Lyney is a character who appeared in the Fontaine Teyvat Chapter trailer's section for Fontaine. After the Act IV: Masquerade of the Guilty title card, two characters dressed in vaudeville clothing appeared. They are Lyney and Lynette.

We've been eagerly awaiting new details for Lyney ever since. As one of the first revealed characters from the upcoming Fontaine region, speculation has been at an all-time high. This guide will cover everything we know about him, from the best Lyney build to his potential skills, lore, and release date.

Similar to our Nahida and Scaramouche builds, our Lyney guide will be updated over time as we collect newer details about the character. For now, we've compiled all the available information on Lyney, so keep reading.

When will Lyney release in Genshin Impact?

Lyney will likely release in one of the earlier patches of Fontaine's 4.X updates. This assumption is based on the release patterns of previous characters revealed in the Teyvat Chapter storyline. For example, Ayaka released in the Inazuma update, and Cyno released in the Sumeru update. The trend suggests that preview characters are usually released sooner rather than later.

The release of Fontaine will happen in Chapter four of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, titled Masquerade of the Guilty. The exact release date is unknown, but it could be anywhere from June 2023 onwards, allowing patch 3.7 and above to release.

There are rumors that an access route area to Fontaine may be added to the game before the full region is released. Leaks suggest that this access route area may be added in patch 3.7 as a light tease for the future.

Who is Lyney in Genshin Impact?

Lyney is the previewed signature character for the Fontaine region. Not much is known about him other than what we can gather from his short animated intro.

We've learned that the preview image is the same as his splash art, which means his partner Lynette is also included.This has led to a lot of speculation regarding Lyney and Lynette being a duo character, but it would hardly be the first time we've seen characters interacting in promotional artwork.

Without any official information about Lyney's abilities or role in the game, it's difficult to say his relationship with Lynette. Most suspect them to be siblings, but there's little reason to fully believe that right now.

What are Lyney’s origins?

The possibility of Lyney being a puppeteer and controlling Lynette has led to speculations about his relation to Sandrone: a Fatui Harbinger also known as Marionette.

The connection between the two characters is drawn from both having a connection to puppets. In Genshin Impact, many characters use companions or familiars, such as Fischl and her Night Raven Oz. Dottore also has an army of puppets.

At this point, however, the connection between Lyney and Sandrone is just speculation. There's no concrete evidence to support it. It could be that Lyney and Lynette are simply a unique duo of performers or magicians, and their use of puppets could purely be for entertainment purposes.

What weapons does Lyney use?

Very little information is available about Lyney's role in Genshin Impact. While he appears in the Teyvat Chapter trailer for Fontaine, we have no official confirmation about what type of character he is, or what his abilities may be. However, rumors are circulating that he could be either a catalyst or a bow user.

One possible theory about Lyney is that he and Lynette may work together as a duo. Lynette may be some kind of deployable puppet controlled by Lyney.

Their outfits and pose in the trailer suggest that they could be magicians or performers of some sort, which could also support the idea that they are dual characters we'll be able to switch out in the same slot. It's also possible that certain skills will cause the pair to tap in and out of battle.

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As we’ve never had such a mechanic before, seeing how Mihoyo implements it into the game and what weapon they see fit to pair Lyney with will be interesting.

Lyney and Lynette in Genshin Impact.
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What is Lyney’s appearance?

Lyney's unique style includes a sleeveless white shirt, black corset, white sleeves, and black shorts, along with his signature top hat and black and white gloves. Lyney's pale complexion, braided, pale hair, and a tear-shaped mark on his right cheek add to his intrigue.

Lyney's appearance is in stark contrast to that of Lynette, who appears on the right side of the preview art. While Lyney's outfit is primarily black with touches of burgundy, Lynette dresses in a predominantly white outfit with blue accents. She has a star-shaped mark on her cheek, which is in contrast to Lyney's teardrop-shaped mark.

What are Lyney’s skills?

Fontaine is known as the region of water, which could suggest that Lyney and Lynette might have Hydro elements. While implementing a duo character may seem confusing to many, we have already seen team battles during Sumeru's Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event.

However, based on Lyney's clothing and overall appearance, it's not unreasonable to speculate that he could have a Pyro element. His clothing features shades of red, which is often associated with the Pyro element in the game.

Similarly, Lynette's outfit features shades of blue and silver, suggesting a Hydro element. Siblings having complementary abilities is nothing new in Genshin Impact, as we already have the example of the loosely connected Kaeya and Diluc.

The best Genshin Impact Lyney build?

As a preview character, little is known about Lyney's gameplay and abilities in Genshin Impact. Without official information from the developers, we can only speculate and theorize about his skills and how they can be optimized. As such, we cannot currently recommend any weapons or artifact sets for Lyney. We’ll update this section as soon as we get new information.

Overall, Lyney's release has generated a lot of excitement, and we will keep you updated with the latest information as soon as it releases. Meanwhile, you can also check out our character updates for La Signora and Dottore.

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