The Best Genshin Impact La Signora Build

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Who is Genshin Impact La Signora? La Signora is one of the Fatui Harbingers. She has been long-rumoured to be an upcoming playable character in the hit gacha game. While she still isn't a playable character, she recently came back as a boss fight in Update 2.1, and you can check our useful guide about it.

It's also important to remember that Tartaglia became playable shortly after Mihoyo added his boss fight to the game, so it raises the question of when La Signora will make her grand return.

Image showing Genshin Impact La Signora using Cryo
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When Is the Genshin Impact La Signora Release Date?

So far, there’s not even a rough indication of when Mihoyo might add La Signora to the game. Recent leaks show La Signora as a major boss fight that manipulates both Cryo and Pyro Elements in Genshin Impact 2.1, likely another trounce boss similar to Childe.

The Childe boss fight accompanied Tartaglia’s first banner, but it seems that Mihoyo has other plans for Genshin 2.1 banners, plans that involve Baal, Sara, and Kokomi.

Who Is In the Genshin Impact La Signora Banner?

The answer to that depends on when the banner takes place. Several leaked characters don’t have solid release slots so far, including Yae Miko and Thoma. Therefore, it can be tricky to work out when the La Signora release date will land.

That said, assuming the datamine about the 2.1 banners is accurate, none of them will feature in the next update, so it’s possible they could join La Signora.

What Are La Signora’s Skills?

No datamined information exists yet on La Signora, so it’s not possible to answer this question just now. Leaked images from the La Signora boss fight show her wielding Cryo and Pyro.

However, this seems to take place in an altered state, presumably her 'Delusion Unleashed' form if it follows the Childe battle, so it could just be a boss fight gimmick instead of a playable skill.

Image showing Genshin Impact La Signora with an item
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What Is the Best La Signora Build?

There’s no word on what La Signora’s skills are yet, which makes developing theory builds fairly difficult. One thing we do know is that she’s a Cryo catalyst user, so La Signora will probably revolve around Elemental damage and Reactions.

What Are La Signora’s Constellations?

The Harbinger’s Constellations also remain a mystery for now. Assuming she features a unique combat mechanic as Tartaglia does, we expect them to revolve around that - as Tartaglia’s Constellations also do.

What Are La Signora’s Character Ascension Materials?

There’s also no information yet about her Ascension materials. The remaining Inazuma islands house materials for Baal and Kokomi’s Ascension.

If La Signora’s banner takes place during Inazuma, we’ll probably see some of these materials, such as Sakura Bloom, reused for her Ascension. Alternatively, it could involve generic Cryo materials, similar to Tartaglia’s using Hydro materials.

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