Best Genshin Impact Clorinde Build

Genshin Impact's Clorinde walking down a large stone hall with eyes closed.
Credit: HoYoverse.

Genshin Impact's Clorinde walking down a large stone hall with eyes closed.
Credit: HoYoverse.
May 9, 2024: We've updated our Clorinde build guide for Genshin Impact.

Clorinde is an upcoming five-star Electro character who will be released in Genshin Impact 4.7. Clorinde is a swordswoman who also wields a gun, making her a unique new addition to the roster. If you're looking for a powerful new Electro DPS, then you'll want the best Genshin Impact Clorinde build on your radar.

Clorinde holds a position of great importance in Fontaine and is heavily involved with the affairs of the region. So let’s get on with the best Clorinde build including artifacts, weapons, and potential team compositions.

Best Genshin Impact Clorinde Build

The best Clorinde build in Genshin Impact will be:

  • Artifact set: Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy
  • Weapon: Absolution
  • Team: Clorinde, Fischl, Kazuha, Nahida
  • Stats: Energy Recharge, Attack, Electro Damage, Crit Rate/Damage, Elemental Mastery

Clorinde is best used in a Quicken team where she will dish out significant Electro damage while on the field. Because of this, you'll want artifacts, weapons, and stats that improve her effectiveness in Quicken formations.

While Clorinde certainly can be an Electro DPS in other teams, she is much better in Quicken teams. So, if you've got strong Dendro units to support her with, then a Quicken team is the way to go.

Clorinde Build - Best Artifact Set

The best Clorinde build in Genshin Impact will require the Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy artifact set, as this buffs the Bond of Life mechanic to increase damage.

Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy:

  • Two-piece - ATK +18%
  • Four-piece - When the value of a Bond of Life increases or decreases, the character deals 18% increased damage for six seconds. Max three stacks.

I recommend you get farming this set as it is Clorinde's best artifact set by a significant margin. However, some great alternatives include Gladiator's Finale, Thundershooter, Echoes of an Offering, and Thundering Fury.

Clorinde Build - Best Weapons

The best weapon for a Clorinde build is Absolution, Clorinde's signature weapon. This further improves the Bond of Life mechanic and plays well in Quicken teams.


  • Crit damage is increased by 20%. Increasing the value of a Bond of Life increases the damage this character deals by 12% for six seconds. Max three stacks.

While Absolution is undeniably Clorinde's best weapon, it's also very hard - or expensive - to get. This means most players likely won't have Clorinde's signature weapon. As such, I recommend Hran Geppaku Futsu, Mistsplitter Reforged, Light of Foliar Incision, and Primordial Jade Cutter as great five-star alternatives. Again though, these aren't easy to come by. For a more accessible, four-star weapon, use The Black Sword, Finale of the Deep, or Lion's Roar. Though these aren't nearly as strong as Absolution, they're much easier to get your hands on.

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Clorinde Build - Best Teams

The best team for a Genshin Impact Clorinde build will be:

  • Clorinde
  • Fischl
  • Kazuha
  • Nahida

Fischl strikes once again as an excellent addition to virtually any Dendro-Electro team in Genshin Impact as she's a superb off-field generator. This is no different with Clorinde, where Fischl will generate elemental particles and deal great damage while you're playing as a different character.

Likewise, Nahida is perfect for applying Dendro and increasing the damage of your elemental reactions - which is key in Quicken and Aggravate teams.

Who is Clorinde in Genshin Impact?

Clorinde is a powerful swordswoman with the special position of a champion duelist in Fontaine. Hailing from Mondstadt, she has quite a fearsome reputation due to her exceptional combat skills. The battle-hungry Fatui Harbinger Childe has expressed the desire to face off against her due to this reason.

Genshin Impact's Clorinde holding an electro pistol and pointing it towards the camera.
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Credit: HoYoverse.

Furthermore, we see her in the company of Neuvillete, the judge of Fontaine, in the Overture trailer and she might be working with him in the capacity of an enforcer. This reflects Clorinde's high position in Fontaine's bureaucracy. Instead of a trial, the accused can duel, but they lose hope when she shows up.

We’ll keep updating this page as new information comes out, especially once Clorinde is released.

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