Globle answer December 6 - What's the Globle country today?

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Image of the Globle guess screen.
December 6, 2022: Today's Globle country is in.

Are you a geography fan wishing there was a more suitable Wordle alternative for your interest? Our Globle country list will most certainly appeal in that case, putting a geographical spin on the popular guessing sensation.


This Globle country guide will run through the daily solution to each Globle puzzle, so you can get a helping hand if you're struggling to guess the target country. On top of tips for which country to start with, we'll show you a sneaky way to play previous Globle puzzles if you just can't get enough.

Once you're done with the day's Globle puzzle, why not check out the Worldle country for another geographical game? We've also got the daily Heardle song if guessing popular music is up your street. Of course, that's on top of our Wordle clue list, to give you some help in the game that started it all.

Globle answer - What's the Globle country today, December 6?

The Globle answer for today is Nicaragua. Check back tomorrow for another.

How do I play Globle?

Playing Globle is, on paper, very similar to other games like Wordle. You have a sprawling image of the globe in front of you, tasked with guessing which country the game is looking for. There's a text box to enter a country of your choice, and you have as many guesses as you like to get to the result.


Crucially, the feedback process after each Globle guess is different. If you guess a country, it's then highlighted on the globe, in a range of colours depending on how close it is to the answer. If it comes up as a light red or white, then it's reasonably far away. The darker the shade of red is, the closer you're getting to the result.

Keep plugging away, using the colour feedback to estimate whereabouts the country may be, and eventually you'll find the Globle answer. The challenge then becomes getting it right in the fewest possible attempts, which isn't easy at all.

Image of a correct guess in Globle.

What is the best Globle starting country?

Given you've got all the countries in the world to choose from, selecting a starting guess in Globle is no easy task. Therefore, we've got a few starting countries that'll make for useful first guesses, hopefully bagging you some dark red tiles in the early stages.

Mainly, it's a good idea to guess countries located towards the centre of the main continents. While the target country is unlikely to be slap bang in the middle, it'll give you a good early indicator of which continent to focus on.


As such, opt for countries like Belarus for Europe, Rwanda for Africa, China for Asia, and Mexico for Central America. The feedback on those will give you a better idea of where to keep guessing.

Can I play previous Globle challenges?

If you've already completed today's Globle challenge but aren't ready to stop, there's a sneaky way to play more. It involves changing your device's calendar settings, to spoof the website into thinking that you're on a different day.


Simply head to your settings or preferences menu, and manually adjust the date to being either in the past or even future. Then confirm it, refresh the Globle page, and you should see a brand new puzzle. Just remember to switch it back afterwards!

That's it for our Globle country guide. We've gone over what the game is, and how you can indulge in some geographical fun. Why not also check out our Hogwartle word and Canuckle word lists, for two of the zanier spins on the reliable Wordle formula?