Hogwartle Word - What Is Today's Hogwartle Answer?

Image of a successful guess in Hogwartle

Image of a successful guess in Hogwartle
June 16, 2022: Here's your Hogwartle word for the day!

Does the daily brain-teaser of Wordle not have quite enough magic for you? Our guide to the Hogwartle word today will give you the helping hand you may need in this unofficial spin-off based on the wildly popular Harry Potter series.

Our Hogwartle answer list doesn't only run through the daily answer in this game, but explains how you actually play it, too. We'll also give you some suggestions of good, on-theme starting words to try out, before digging into a sneaky way to play previous (and future) puzzles if you want even more.

Once you've finished today's Hogwartle, why not head over to our Wordle answer list if you need some assistance with the game that started it all? We've also got a Worldle country list for that geography-based offshoot, and a Lewdle answer list for something slightly more adult.

What's the Hogwartle Word Today? - June 15, 2022

The Hogwartle word today SQUIB.

How Do I Play Hogwartle?

You play Hogwartle in the exact same way as you play the game it's so clearly inspired by. You boot up the Hogwartle website and see five grey tiles, which you need to fill over six guesses to arrive at the Hogwartle word of the day.

As with the other Wordle variants, an orange tile means you've got the right letter in the wrong position, and a green tile means you've got both letter and position right. You've got six chances to get the hidden word, otherwise you'll lose that coveted streak.

Other than that, actually playing Hogwartle is a reasonably easygoing experience. Of course, you'll need to know your Tonks from your Scabbers, otherwise it'll be hard to conjure up obscure, franchise-specific terms out of nowhere.

Puzzles reset every 24 hours, so you can relish in the magical fun alongside your morning coffee.

Image of the Hogwartle stats page, showing one successful run
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What's The Best Starting Hogwartle Word?

As the range of words available in Hogwartle is considerably more restricted than that of base Wordle, it's harder to determine a key word to always start with. However, we would recommend kicking things off with either SNAPE or TONKS. These two dark-minded spell-casters both happen to include handy vowels and an "S", making it useful if the answer is plural. On top of that, the two vowels on display in SNAPE mean you're usually going to get at least a few orange tiles upon your first guess.

Elsewhere, it's not a bad idea to go with one of the previous solutions in ACCIO. It'll likely never be the actual answer again, but in containing three vowels, it's definitely going to get you an orange or green tile or two. The double use of "C" won't really make a dent with the available consonants, but you could do worse.

Can I Guess Previous Hogwartle Words?

If one daily dose of magical word-guessing just isn't enough, then you'll have one question on your mind: how do I play Hogwartle puzzles from the past? Luckily, it's quite an easy method, working in the exact same way as other Wordle imitators.

All you need to do is have a fiddle around with your settings. Mainly, you'll want to change your device's calendar, to make it think that you're on a different day to the present. Simply head into your system preferences, tweak the date accordingly, and refresh the Hogwartle page. That should bring up a clean slate of tiles ready to guess, so you can play all over again.

That's it right now for our Hogwartle answer list! Be sure to check back daily, as we'll be updating our guide with the latest magical answer as they arrive. If you never want to lose your streak, this is the place to be.

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