Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen LEAKS: Release Date, Armor, Roadmap, Trailer, Weapons, Season Pass, Exotics, Quests And Everything We Know About Season 13

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Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion launched at a similar time to the Season of the Hunt.

While hunting Wrathborn has been fun, and it's been nice to get acquainted with Uldren Sov... err... we mean, Crow, it's hard not to start looking to the future – especially since we've now slain the High Celebrant.

Here's everything we know about the next content drop coming, including when the new season starts and what to expect.

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Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Latest News


There's plenty to wrap your head around in the new Season.

Check out our guides below:

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Release Date

With Season of the Hunt, Season 12, finishing on February 8, Season 13 should kick off on February 9.

That means you've got just under a month to grind the last few sections of your Season Pass!

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Story

We finally have context for the leaked cutscene below, as Season of the Chosen introduces us to the Cabal Empress Caiatl – Calus' daughter.

Zavala spurns her offer of a truce, leading to another war against the Cabal.

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Looks as though Zavala and Osiris are making friends

Then there's Crow, formerly known as Prince Uldren. Rumours have swirled for some time that he could be the new Speaker following the previous Speaker's death way back in the Red War campaign.

My thoughts are still that he'll become the new Hunter Vanguard, taking Cayde's place – despite having killed our favourite Exo. Still, it could lead to some interesting narrative developments between Zavala, Ikora, and Crow.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Content

After Beyond Light gutted the number of available Strikes, Season 13 is when we'll get two more added – Fallen SABER and Devil's Lair in the Cosmodrome.

Yes, they're Destiny 1 Strikes, but they're also something a little bit different to the same rotations we've been doing (The Glassway Nightfall is not fun, and you can't convince me otherwise).

Their arrival could see more Cosmodrome areas added, which is nice if a little unexciting for longtime fans. Umbral Engrams are also back, alongside a new way for players to "Gild" their Titles.

We'll also get a new Strike, which looks to be set inside a gargantuan Cabal tank.

It looks as though the Moon will get more challenging Lost Sectors in Season 13 (a la Europa).

Destiny 2 will also get weekly challenges in Season 13 in the style of Fortnite, with around 34,000 Bright Dust up for grabs.

We know that we won't be getting The Vault of Glass in Season 13, nor will we get Crossplay (although both are slated for pre-Witch Queen).

Transmog (i.e the ability to make armour look like other armour), is coming with Season 14.

Seasonal Activity

Looks as though this season's activity is Battlegrounds – a three-player matchmade activity.

Players will engage in ritual combat against the Cabal, although what that means is anyone's guess until the start of the season.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Roadmap

We've got the full roadmap for the season right here, Guardians.

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The Guardians games are returning, as well as Iron Banner. There are also a series of Battleground activities arriving, as well as the new Proving Grounds strike and reprised Devil's Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strikes.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Price

If you've got the deluxe version of Beyond Light, then you'll have access to all seasons heading into Witch Queen – that's seasons 13, 14 and 15.

If not, you can buy Season Passes with Silver. It works out at around £10, but plenty of content (such as the revamped strikes) will be free for all players.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Season Pass

Destiny's Season Passes come in premium and free versions, but both will award players armour, engrams, materials and reputation boosters – but you'll get more in the premium track.

Exotics and Gear

Each season pass since their inception has added a new exotic, and it looks like it'll be a new bow this time around.

Ticcu's Divination looks capable of firing multiple arrows at once, potentially with each darting to additional enemies.

Bungie is also adding six new weapons that will be added to the loot pool for Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible – with two appearing in each.

Nightfalls are also getting some new loot, with The Swarm, The Palindrome, and Shadow Price returning from Destiny 1 as part of Nightfall Ordeals.

Oh, and the likes of Whisper of the Worm, Outbreak Perfected, and Felwinter's Lie are being added to the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower.

There are also new Trials of Osiris weapons to grind for, as well as a new perk category for the Aeon family of exotics.

The new Pursuit weapon is a grenade launcher called Salvager's Salvo, and the following exotic catalysts are returning:

  • Bad Juju 
  • Izanagi's Burden 
  • Sleeper Simulant 
  • The Huckleberry 
  • Worldline Zero 
  • Polaris Lance 
  • Telesto 
  • Legend of Acrius 
  • Skyburner's Oath 

Bungie has also confirmed that loot from Dreaming City and the Moon will be tweaked to offer viable rewards.

Unfortunately, 21 weapons will be sunset (thanks, GamesRadar):

  • Uriel's Gift
  • Steelfeather Repeater
  • Patron of Lost Causes
  • Infinite Path s8
  • Jack Queen King 3
  • Breachlight
  • Martyr's Retribution
  • Perfect Paradox
  • Gallant Charge
  • Line in the Sand
  • Traveler's Judgement 5
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Pyroclastic Flow
  • Buzzard
  • Python
  • Komodo
  • Last Hope
  • Old Fashioned
  • Elatha FR4
  • Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Mos Epoch

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Trailer

Check out the trailer below:

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