Destiny 2 Battlegrounds Guide: Tribute Chests, Hammer of Proving, Champions and More

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Season of the Chosen introduces a new seasonal activity for players to take part in dubbed Battlegrounds.

This matchmade, three-player activity will be expanded on throughout the season, but at the time of writing there are Battlegrounds on Nessus and Europa to enjoy (with two still to come).


Here's what they are, and how to complete them.

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Destiny 2 Battlegrounds Guide:

Essentially a series of escalating encounters, Battlegrounds pit players against a sizeable Cabal force. 


There are side objectives too, like destroying power generators with unstable power cores and earning keys to unlock control panels, but for the most part you can expect to just keep shooting things.

Towards the end of each Battleground you'll meet a Cabal champion with a huge health bar.

Not only does it take some time to burn through, but it'll also send out Champions – so you'll need to equip anti-barrier, overload, and unstoppable mods from the Seasonal Artefact. Check out our guide here for more.

Tribute Chests


Once you finish a Battleground, you'll get the chance to crack open a Tribute Chest.

To do so, you'll not only need the Hammer Of Proving but enough Cabal Gold to forge a medallion.

Doing so will let you smash open the chest and earn bonus loot.