Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Quest Guide: Kill High Celebrant, Get Fourth Mark Ship

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Beyond Light kicked off the Season of the Hunt, but its final quest, Coup De Grace, dropped yesterday.

After weeks of setting up this hunt, the good news is that the quest itself is actually really fun – although its rewards have been bugged somewhat.


Fourth Mark Ship

Speaking of rewards, you'll need to grind the Coup De Grace mission to earn the Fourth Mark exotic ship reward.

It's not a guaranteed drop, so be prepared to slay your quarry a few times over.

In any case, here's how to kill the High Celebrant.

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Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Quest Guide

When logging in, head to the Tangled Shore and speak to Crow to begin the questline.


He'll give players an Improved Seeker 2 Lure Upgrade.

Upgrade your Lure with this new component, as well as the Prey Mod: High Celebrant (if you're not at Reputation Rank 7 with Crow, come back when you are).

You'll then need to speak to Spider, who will give you the coordinates of the High Celebrant's location in the Dreaming City.

Open the Director and select the Coup De Grace quest from the map – it's time to hunt.

Phase 1

Head to the Cryptolith and place the lure to draw out your prey.

As with any other Wrathborn hunt, you'll want to kill glowing green enemies, pick up the Wrathful buff, and open fire.


Unlike normal hunts, you can damage the High Celebrant without the buff – but your damage is greatly diminished.

Phase 2

Once the Celebrant flees, shoot Taken orbs to transport between the Dreaming City and the Ascendant Plane.

While none of it is too tricky, you'll want to be careful of sniper enemies, particularly in platforming sections. 

If orbs can't be destroyed, it's due a bug. In this case, return to orbit and come back, or try shooting them at point-blank range with a shotgun.

Phase 3

You'll eventually come to a Wrathborn Ogre, but it's not too tough to kill – just be wary of exploding Cursed Thrall nearby.


After that, deploy the lure as instructed and hop across a series of newly visible platforms to reach a Portal that at first seems out of reach.

Phase 4

In this area, you'll be able to finally kill the High Celebrant. Kill the green enemies, grab the buff, and deal as much damage as possible.

A bug means that burning the boss too quickly can prevent progress, so try and take your time if you can.

Once you've killed the High Celebrant, the quest is completed!