Destiny 2: How To Equip The Hammer of Proving and What It Does

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Season of the Chosen introduces a new tool for Guardians – the Hammer of Proving.

While we were hoping we'd be able to swing it to slay enemies across the system, that's not the case – but it does have a very specific use.


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How To Equip The Hammer of Proving

At the start of the season, a quest will tell you to forge Challenger Medallions using Cabal Gold.


It also notes that the Hammer of Proving needs to be equipped, but it's not entirely clear how.

Expect this to be patched soon, because the hammer cannot be equipped – you just need it in your Quest log.

What Does The Hammer Of Proving Do?

Once you've got the Hammer of Proving, you'll need to socket Medallions into it from the Cabal Gold you earn.


We've got a guide on how to earn it here, but once you've added a Medallion you'll be able to enter the new Battlegrounds activity and use the Hammer of Proving to crack open one of the Tribute Chests at the end – you can't miss them, they're very shiny.