Destiny 2 Getting Fortnite-Style Weekly Challenges With Season of the Chosen

Bungie's latest blog post has revealed a wealth of changes coming as part of Season 13 of Destiny 2, including Fortnite-style weekly challenges.

Players can also expect a big balance change, particularly on PC, and the removal of Crimson Doubles – the game's long-running Valentines Day event.

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Destiny 2 Getting Fortnite-Style Weekly Challenges With Season 13

As for the challenges, Bungie is promising ten weeks of challenges to complete which will run the gamut between easier content (Strike completions) all the way up to harder ones (Trials wins and high-level Nightfall completions).

These will replace weekly bounties from Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, Banshee-44 and the seasonal vendor.

The rewards for these are XP for the Season Pass and Bright Dust to spend on cosmetics.

Bungie did reference some more exciting rewards but didn't say what they are, but we'd imagine it'll be a shader or armour ornament. Players can earn around 34,000 in Bright Dust per season by completing them all, though.

As for balance changes, Bungie is taking the interesting step of nerfing PC recoil reduction to bring it more in line with the console sandbox on the following:

  • Auto Rifles
  • Scout Rifles
  • Pulse Rifles
  • Submachine Guns
  • Hand Cannons
  • Machine Guns

SMGs, Pulse Rifles and Machine Guns will also receive tweaks to camera movement, and while I can see the logic (with crossplay on the horizon), it seems strange to not just reduce recoil for console players.

Rocket Launchers and Fusion Rifles are getting a buff, except for Arbalest which is being nerfed. Elsewhere there are tweaks to snipers and grenade launchers, while Swords are getting their long-awaited nerf – a 15% damage drop.

Exotics are getting some tweaks and fixes, too, with new animations for Borealis and Hard Light, Duality getting a buff, and some others.

Finally, Crimson Doubles, the game's PvP mode that sees Guardians get stronger the closer they are to their teammate, is being "vaulted". Why they don't just make it one of the rotating playlists I don't know, especially when there's a lack of content in Destiny 2 at the moment.

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