Destiny 2: Where Is Crow In Season of the Splicer?

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Season of the Splicer will expand Destiny's H.E.L.M. location, and that means familiar faces might be in unfamiliar places.

Inside the H.E.L.M. are a vault, postmaster, and Crow, who has been freed from his role as Spider's Enforcer for the second season running – but he's not easy to find.

Here's where.

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Destiny 2: Where Is Crow In Season of the Chosen?

When you spawn into H.E.L.M, and are facing the Prismatic Recaster, turn 180-degrees.

You'll see a door that can't be opened, as well as stairs on either side.

Head down either side, and you'll find Crow leaning against the wall.

While at the time of writing you can't turn anything into him (and his bounties are no more as of last season), but we still expect him to be a key figure later.

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