Free crypto rewards: How to earn free cryptocurrency rewards

Free crypto rewards
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Free crypto rewards
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With the current crypto wave, there are plenty of ways through which users can claim free crypto rewards. But how do you do that?

With a surge of new Binance quizzes, games like Bitcoin button and Binance Crypto Wodl, it has become extremely easy for the users to earn free crypto rewards.

However, the rewards are merely not restricted to just solving crypto quizzes like AMP quiz, Graph quiz, and Mina quiz. Users have various other options to explore how free crypto can be earned.

Here are a few of our suggestions.

How to earn free cryptocurrency rewards

There are multiple ways through which users can earn free cryptocurrency rewards. One way is through exploring various learn and earn programs by crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

Other reasons can include participating in crypto staking pools and playing popular play-to-earn NFT games to accumulate crypto.

Several crypto apps reward their users with crypto if you sign up to their exchange or take part in a campaign.

A consumer is always free to select a rather different approach by becoming a full-time crypto miner and making use of free Bitcoin mining software to earn some extra BTC. However, be cautious about the prospects of free Bitcoin, as it can take a while to mine 1 BTC.

Indeed, the crypto market is full of potential hacks and scams that can drain funds out of users' crypto wallets by deploying malicious encryption, hence user discretion is needed while performing such tasks.

Here's a closer look at some of the crypto rewards on offer.

Crypto learn and earn programs

Binance and Coinbase, the two leading exchanges have introduced crypto quiz programs that enable users to earn free crypto rewards.

Users can register with Binance and Coinbase to answer a few crypto-based questions to gain cryptocurrency as a reward.

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While Binance has recently launched a new Welcome to a crypto quiz that helps users acquire free SHIB, Coinbase, on the other hand, has launched an array of new quizzes like AMP, MINA, GRAPH, ENZYME, and SKALE to earn diverse crypto rewards. The Revolut crypto quiz also offers similar rewards.

Other ways to earn crypto

One of the most popular ways some look to earn crypto is through a crypto-airdrop. These promotional events distribute certain amounts of free cryptocurrency to users.

Another crypto holders earn more crypto is by staking their existing cryptocurrency. Whether through Ethereum staking, Cardano staking, or other forms, staking is one way to increase the number of tokens held. Similarly, crypto mining is yet another potential way to earn cryptocurrency.

Of course, neither of these methods is 'free'. Staking requires you to already hold an existing amount of cryptocurrency, while mining requires expensive equipment and electricity.

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