Optimism Airdrop: What Is Optimism Layer-2 And When Is The Next Optimism Airdrop?

Optimism Airdrop
Credit: Optimism

Optimism Airdrop
Credit: Optimism

It seems we're in airdrop season, as after the launch of the highly anticipated Luna 2.0 airdrop, the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution Optimism Airdrop was successfully conducted in early June.

On June 1, nearly 249,000 registered users received the newly launched Optimism token via airdrop.

The firm has claimed that they will be soon initiating a second airdrop event for the users who have missed the first airdrop. Here's how users can claim the newly launched OP Tokens.

What is Optimism Layer-2?

Optimism Layer-2 is an effective Ethereum scaling solution that helps in lowering transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Optimism deploys a special mechanism where it utilises optimistic roll-ups to merge multiple crypto transactions into one and later push that transaction to another blockchain for further processing.

Leveraging the technique of data condensation, it later issues the receipts of the transaction back to Ethereum, helping people in transacting Ethereum transactions at a significantly lower cost.

Layer-2 solutions are deemed a good way to reduce transactions on Ethereum. Several others already exist, while Shiba Inu is planning to launch its own Shibarium L2.

How To Claim Optimism Layer 2 OP Tokens?

To claim Optimism Layer 2 OP tokens, a user must:

  • Check the user eligibility via the Optimism Website.
  • Add Optimism to your MetaMask wallet via Chainlist and connect to the network.
  • If you're eligible to claim, you'll have to fill in a few details such as your wallet and credentials.
  • The users will also have to answer a few questions about the Working Constitution and delegate their tokens before claiming their free airdropped tokens.

Optimism Price

Soon after its launch, the OP token has undergone several changes in its price momentum.

Certain factors that have supremely impacted its price are the ongoing bear market sentiment followed by the statistics attributing to the token's popularity as a whole.

At press time, the OP token is down 3%, sitting at $1.69 with a market cap of nearly $397,655,892

When Is The Next Optimism Airdrop?

Following the first airdrop, Optimism has confirmed it will conduct a second airdrop, coined Drop #2.

It has not yet, however, provided a date for the next Optimism Airdrop. The next step, according to Optimism, will be an "extensive retrospective" about the lessons it learned from the airdrop. This should happen within the next week.

Planet Crypto will keep the page updated with the latest information as it comes in.

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