Coinbase SKALE Quiz Answers: How To Earn SKL on Coinbase

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Hand holding a phone with the Coinbase application open.
Credit: Image: olieman.eth/Unsplash

Through the Coinbase quiz initiative, crypto users can answer questions to earn crypto rewards, including free SKALE.

Coinbase Earn is one of the promising crypto campaigns launched by one of the top crypto exchanges. It intends to educate the masses about crypto technology through immersive videos and at the same time, reward users with free cryptocurrency by helping them solve multiple quizzes based on their favourite cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, when it comes to cryptocurrency SKALE, users can earn up to $3 worth of SKL if they happen to answer all the Coinbase SKALE quiz questions. Let's take a look at some SKL quiz questions and their answers.

Coinbase SKALE Quiz Answers.

Here are all the correct answers to the Coinbase SKALE quiz.

Question 1: Who can deploy a blockchain with SKALE?

  • Answer: Any Ethereum application.

Question 2: How can SKL holders receive rewards?

  • Answer: Delegate SKL to a validator.

Question 3: The SKALE network is built to support…

  • Answer: An internet of blockchains.

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How To Sign Up To Coinbase SKL Quiz

Users can register themselves on the Coinbase Learn and Earn portal by following the steps given below:

  • Sign up to Coinbase and go to the dashboard.
  • Go to Dashboard, click on "Start Earning".
  • Scroll to see all the listed quizzes. Select the SKALE or SKL quiz.
  • Take the quiz by answering the questions listed and later collect your reward of free SKL tokens.

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