New Coinbase Listings: What New Coins Has Coinbase Added?

Coinbase Logo on Blue Background.
September 2, 2022: Updated to reflect the new coin listings on Coinbase as of June 2022

As one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase must continuously adapt to the growing crypto ecosystem by listing new coins.

Of course, as there are hundreds of new cryptocurrencies launching every month - some of them more legitimate than others - Coinbase must first vet and decide which coins to offer to its users for trading. Furthermore, with the launch of new Coinbase advanced trade facility, the platform will soon be attracting more users for crypto trading purposes.

Here's a look at the latest Coinbase listings.

Coinbase New Listings

Here's a collection of new coins as of August 2022.

  • ApeCoin (APE)
  • Hedera (HBAR)
  • Near Protocol (NEAR)
  • Celr Network (CELR)
  • Arcblock (ABT)
  • Gods Unchained (GODS)
  • Gnosis (GNO)
  • Metal (MTL)
  • Green Satoshi Token (GST)
  • Swftcoin (SWFTC)
  • Sylo (SYLO)
  • Gemini USD (GUSD)

For crypto users hoping to find Coinbase's latest asset additions, we'd recommend following the Coinbase Assets Twitter account, which shares updates for listings when they happen. The exchange has also decided to shelf the listing of Terra Luna Classic as of now, considering its dramatic Luna crypto crash.

Coinbase Most Wanted New Coins

Not every cryptocurrency is available on Coinbase. Many holders for a variety of coins have started petitions requesting Coinbase lists their favorite coins - often because they hope it could lead to a price increase.

Compared to Binance, Coinbase has been less willing to add such a range of new cryptocurrency listings, adopting a cautious approach and has recently launched a new blog comprising the information about the new crypto tokens that the platform is considering listing on its exchange.

Coinbase has also introduced new changes via an updated blog post, adding that the exchange will publish externally when the decisions have been made to list an asset but before "any technical integration work begins, to try and prevent on-chain data giving a signal to watchful traders."

Some of the top crypto tokens which are being considered to be listed on Coinbase in Q2, 2022 are:

  • BiFi (BIFI)
  • Big Data Protocol (BDP)
  • Dope Wars Paper (PAPER)

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