Binance Bitcoin Button Game: How To Win One Bitcoin

Finger pressing a Bitcoin button
Credit: Brands&People/Unsplash

Rather different to the traditional top cryptocurrency games, Binance has launched a new game called Bitcoin Button.

Bitcoin Button offers users a chance to win the grand prize of one Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin button game, which is now live on the exchange's website will allow users to compete with nearly 50,000 competitors and let them bag exciting prizes including guaranteed NFTs as additional rewards. Let's take a look at how to ace this game and take the grand-prize home.

How To Win One Bitcoin On Binance

To play this game, the users are required to first visit the official Bitcoin Button page.

The rules of the game are pretty simple.

  • A 60 second time begins, with the winner being the last player to click the button before the timer hits zero.
  • Each user gets one chance to press the button. Every time a player presses the button, the timer resets to 60 seconds.
  • When the timer runs out, the user who last clicked is crowned the winner.

So, while many may have suspected it to be a quick, 60 second game that relies upon reflexes at the end of the timer, it is moreso a game of patience, chance, and chicken.

At the time of writing, over 639,000 accounts have participated.

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How To Play The Bitcoin Button Game?

To play the Bitcoin button game, users are required to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official Bitcoin Button Page.
  • Log in to the game via your official Binance account. Alternatively, use a Twitter account that follows the official Binance account and has 10 followers or more.
  • Click on the Bitcoin Button and hope that you're the last person who has pressed this button (don't forget your 49,999 competitors).

If you're skilled enough to be the last player to press the button, Binance will get in contact with you within the next seven days.

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