Coinbase The Graph Quiz Answers: How To Earn GRT On Coinbase

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Through the Coinbase Earn initiative, users can earn GRT on Coinbase by getting the correct Coinbase The Graph answers. But what are these?

Crypto exchange Coinbase has introduced its newest educational endeavour Coinbase Earn through which users can win exciting crypto rewards. Alongside GRT, Coinbase Earn has quizzes for AMP, SKALE, and Enzyme.

Coinbase Earn has been heralded as a great way to learn crypto essentials and earn revenue just by watching videos on new cryptocurrencies. Let's take a look at one of the most hyped Coinbase GRT queries and how users can ace that quiz to earn additional crypto rewards.

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How To Earn GRT On Coinbase

The GRT or The Graph, cryptocurrency quiz is now live on Coinbase Earn. The answers to the GRT quiz on Coinbase are below:

Question 1: What information is indexed by The Graph?

  • Answer: Blockchain Data

Question 2: What do you earn for delegating GRT to an Indexer?

  • Answer: GRT tokens

Question 3: Who identifies high-quality, useful data on The Graph?

  • Answer: Curators

Question 4: What’s the best way to earn GRT rewards?

  • Answer: Delegate to a high-quality Indexer

Question 5: Which of the below is not a quality of web3 protocols?

  • Answer: Unlimited free cloud storage for photos

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Why Is Coinbase Earn So Popular?

Cryptocurrency and digital asset domains continue to gain momentum, with many platforms launching new lines of products and services to keep the masses engaged and immersed.

Coinbase Earn has gained traction owing to its unique concept that equips the masses with a chance to earn additional revenue by enabling them to watch educational crypto-based videos.

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These quizzes play an essential role in supplying additional knowledge related to multiple crypto-assets. However, they can also be seen as a marketing tool for tokens, wanting to spread their cryptocurrency further.

Apart from launching Coinbase The GRAPH quiz, users can also access other new quizzes commenced by the firm that allows users to earn diverse cryptocurrencies. Presently Coinbase is hosting the quizzes mentioned below:

Through interactive quizzes and learn and earn games, Coinbase is gradually on its way to expanding its user base and building more user-friendly content that can help scale its reach and earnings.

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