Coinbase AMP Quiz Answers: How To Earn AMP On Coinbase

As part of Coinbase Earn, if users enter the correct Coinbase AMP answers during the quiz, they can earn some free cryptocurrency.

Top crypto exchange Coinbase has launched its educational initiative Coinbase Earn, enabling users to earn free cryptocurrency by answering quiz questions. The platform allows users to watch videos about cryptocurrencies and answer related questions to earn free tokens, including SKALE, Enzyme, and The Graph.

There are plenty of videos based on new cryptocurrencies for the users to watch and earn crypto rewards. Let's take a look at how users can earn some free AMP tokens via Coinbase Earn.

Coinbase AMP Quiz Answers

As stated above, users are required to answer simple AMP quiz answers to earn some extra AMP tokens. The answers to those questions are listed down below:

Question 1: What is AMP?

  • Answer: A Collateral Token

Question 2: What does AMP provide on the Flexa network?

  • Answer: Instant settlement assurance

Question 3: What can you earn by Staking AMP on Flexa?

  • Answer: AMP Rewards

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What Is Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase Earn is an educational venture initiated by the crypto exchange Coinbase. Through Coinbase Earn, users can watch countless educational videos on multiple cryptocurrencies and later solve simple quizzes based on those videos to earn crypto coins as rewards.

To participate in Coinbase earn, users should go to the Coinbase Dashboard and select the 'Start Earning' option before choosing their token and quiz of choice to earn tokens through.

The team is expanding its services and will be soon pivoting towards a subscription-based model dubbed Coinbase subscriptions. In addition to this Coinbase has also become quite transparent when it comes to listing and delisting new cryptos on its platforms by launching a new blog page for the same.

The Popularity Surge Of Crypto Earn Games

Crypto learn and earn games, the giveaways are now a popular feature of multiple crypto firms and exchanges.

Recently crypto exchange Binance has launched multiple crypto games such as Bitcoin button game, Binance Wodl and Binance learn and earn to help users earn free crypto.

These interactive games help build credible momentum and permit the firms to keep crypto enthusiasts engaged and occupied for long

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