Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers: How To Earn MLN on Coinbase

The latest Coinbase quiz is here, with users seeking to earn MLN by choosing the correct Coinbase Enzyme Quiz answers.

Coinbase launched its Coinbase Earn quizzes initiative to reward its users with free cryptocurrency by letting them solve education quizzes. The likes of the Coinbase AMP Quiz and the Coinbase SKALE Quiz, for example, are in high demand.

The platform's new educational endeavour is gaining immense traction, with new users logging in to test their luck. Binance has also followed suit with its Binance Earn Quiz, which even lets users earn free SHIB via one quiz. Let's find out more about how users can earn free MLN by answering the ENZYME quiz available on Coinbase.

Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers

Users can earn free MLN by logging into the Coinbase Learn and Earn portal and solving the MLN quiz question mentioned below:

  • Question: How does the MLN token burn mechanism work?
  • Answer: Vault managers owe a 0.25% annual fee on the sum of all assets in a vault, payable in MLN; these tokens are then taken off the market and burned

And that's it!

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How To Answer Coinbase Learn And Earn Enzyme (MLN) Quiz

Coinbase Learn and Earn allows users to earn exciting crypto rewards by letting them watch educational videos based on multiple cryptocurrencies and later solve quizzes related to such videos to earn exciting rewards in crypto.

To sign up for the Enzyme Quiz, users must:

  • Go to Coinbase Learn and Earn page.
  • Log into your Coinbase account.
  • Click on Coinbase Learn and Earn option, scroll, and select the video course that you'd like to proceed with.
  • Answer Coinbase Learn and Earn Enzyme quiz answers to earn MLN crypto.

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