PSA: Binance Quizzes Let Users Earn Free SHIB, If You're Fast

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The Binance Learn and Earn quizzes give users of the exchange the chance to earn cryptocurrency rewards, including free SHIB, just by answering a few questions. There’s just one issue - rewards are first-come, first-served

According to Binance’s latest update on the initiative, the ‘A Beginner Guide to Binance Trading’ course can reward those who complete the quiz with SHIB. Based on Twitter images of completed quizzes, it seems the reward is 18800 SHIB. Binance is no stranger to distributing Shiba Inu. It hosted a SHIB giveaway in March that gave out $100,000 in SHIB to new users.


But, with rewards in such a short supply, can users still take advantage of the quizzes to earn some SHIB?

Binance SHIB Quiz

With a limited supply of rewards available from its quizzes, those wanting to earn SHIB will need to get prepared for the exact timings that Binance releases new rewards.

Binance Learn and Earn is an initiative launched by the exchange to teach users more about cryptocurrency and blockchain basics. Coinbase also has its own Coinbase Earn quizzes, currently featuring quizzes on AMP and The Graph.


Following the first launch of Binance Learn and Earn, Binance began releasing a second round of rewards on April 6. Rewards on April 6 will release in the three phases at the following times:

  • 3 AM UTC (4 AM BST, 11 PM ET, 8 PM PT)
  • 8 AM UTC (9 AM BST, 4 AM ET, 1 AM PT)
  • 2 PM UTC (3 PM BST, 10 AM ET, 7 AM PT)

At the time of writing, two of these phases have passed, with all rewards having been claimed. According to reports on Twitter, the initial round of rewards lasted under five minutes. Prospective winners may want to look towards the final phase to earn any free cryptocurrency.


However, there is no guarantee that the course will still distribute SHIB to those who complete it. Indeed, we’d expect any rewards- whether for SHIB or other currencies on offer - will go pretty quickly.

Given Binance has just launched the second phase of its Learn and Earn rewards, we’d also expect future rounds to continue distributing free cryptocurrency (including Shiba Inu) as rewards for completing these short courses.