Coinbase Mina Quiz Answers: How To Earn Mina On Coinbase Quiz

With the latest Coinbase Quiz update, users can acquire free Mina crypto by getting the correct Coinbase Mina quiz answers. But what are they?

Aside from regular new Coinbase listings, the exchange also boasts a significant repository of Coinbase quizzes like SKALE, AMP, and GRT that users can play to earn free crypto.

The newly added Coinbase Mina quiz answers can help users acquire MINA by answering some simple crypto questions. Here is a list of all Coinbase MINA quiz answers that can help users earn some free MINA.

How To Earn Mina On Coinbase Quiz

The process to earn free MINA is quite simple with the new Coinbase Earn feature.

Users are required to watch a short video snippet of the related cryptocurrency and are later asked to answer a few questions based on that video. Here's a list of all MINA quiz answers for you:

Question 1) What is Mina?

  • Answer - A lightweight blockchain that remains around 22kb even as it scales

Question 2) What are zkApps?

  • Answer- Privacy-preserving decentralized applications

Question 3) What role does the MINA token play in the Mina blockchain?

  • Answer 3- It’s used for transaction fees, block rewards, and purchasing proofs in the Snarketplace

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How To Answer Coinbase Mina Quiz

To participate in the Coinbase Mina quiz, users must go to the Coinbase Learn and Earn page, and select the Mina crypto quiz on offer.

This will make you first watch a short video relating to the cryptocurrency, before allowing you to then enter your answers and be in with a chance of earning some Mina

While some existing Mina holders believed its presence on Coinbase Learn and Earn would make the coin spike in price, it has yet to do so. In the last 7 days, Mina is down 20%.

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