Free Bitcoin: How To Get Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin is every cryptocurrency enthusiast's dream, but is it actually possible?

While there are plenty of ways to get free NFTs ,acquire free crypto rewards, and even free cryptocurrency via free crypto mining, getting free Bitcoin itself is a little more complicated.

However, not nearly impossible, in a hoard of free Bitcoin apps,the latest bitcoin news states that there are a few unconventional ways through which users can get free bitcoin to kickstart their crypto journey.

How To Get Free Bitcoin

While there are plenty of ways through which users can earn free Bitcoin (that can also land you in trouble, or worse scam your money and funds, we've listed some of the easiest, legitimate ways through which Bitcoins can be earned for free without any hassle.

Registering With An Exchange

Several cryptocurrency exchanges run a commencement offer that offers free crypto or free BTC on signing up with an exchange.

As Bitcoin is the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency, free Bitcoin is often the crypto of choice for these exchanges.

This method helps these exchanges to expand their consumer pool, and at the same permits users to earn and accumulate some bitcoins for free.

Learn And Earn Programs

Binance, the biggest crypto exchange, has recently unveiled a series of Binance quizzes that allows users to earn free crypto by solving a few educational crypto quizzes.

Similarly, Coinbase Mina quiz, Coinbase GRAPH quiz, and Coinbase AMP quiz are some of the notable quiz programs launched by Coinbase.

However, these platforms do not currently offer Bitcoin as the free cryptocurrency. Binance offers BUSD and SHIB, for example. Of course, you can then take this cryptocurrency and exchange it for BTC.

Similarly, you can earn free cryptocurrency through the likes of cryptocurrency airdrops, and cryptocurrency staking. Depending on fees, you can then convert this into Bitcoin.

Is It Possible To Get Free Bitcoin Mining?

Users are always on the lookout for whether they can ever mine Bitcoin for free? Well, the answer is technical yes.

There is plenty of software available on the internet that allows users to mine Bitcoin for free.

However, the software is just one part of it. Considering you'll need some pretty hefty mining equipment to conduct this, along with the electricity, it isn't exactly 'free'.

Using your existing hardware to mine Bitcoin could work, but crypto mining could damage your GPU in the long run. Hence it is strictly advisable to use Bitcoin rigs and gears to conduct and explore Bitcoin mining.

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