Bitcoin Mining App: Can You Mine Bitcoin On A Phone?

Bitcoin next to a mobile phone iPhone.
Credit: Jeremy Bezanger/Unsplash

Bitcoin next to a mobile phone iPhone.
Credit: Jeremy Bezanger/Unsplash

For those who can't use the latest NVIDIA GPU for mining, or a top-end ASIC miner, the potential of a Bitcoin mining app sounds pretty good in practice, but can you mine Bitcoin using your phone?

Free cryptocurrency mining and free Bitcoin mining practices are very much popular with the masses, with many companies now launching applications to accommodate the growing needs of the crypto miners.

Let's take a look at if novel miners can use their mobiles to mine Bitcoin for real.

Can You Mine Bitcoin On A Phone?

Alleged Bitcoin mining apps do exist for your phone, and crypto miners can download these apps. However, before you start searching app stores for this, there are some major caveats.

First and foremost, Bitcoin mining is a serious job and requires hours and hours of seamless computational/electrical supply to mine Bitcoin, which is impossible to do through a simple phone app. This is because most phones are relatively weak compared to the power that GPUs, ASICs or GUIs boast. Given the high Bitcoin mining difficulty, it is almost negligible to mine with one single phone.

Other than that, another disadvantage associated with mining Bitcoin through mobiles is its internal configuration does not support mining Bitcoins.

Even if you wanted to, the various app stores forbid apps from using so much of the phone's power consumption. This renders Bitcoin mining impossible on the apps.

Section 2.4.2 of the App Store guidelines states:

Apps, including any third-party advertisements displayed within them, may not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining.

This is expanded upon in Section 3.1.5 on cryptocurrencies. It states that exchanges and wallets are allowed, but not mining. However, the only exception is if "the processing is performed off-device" through cloud mining, for example.

As such, apps that claim to mine Bitcoin using your phone are often deemed misleading, or even outright scams. Hence, a cautionary approach has to be taken while engaging with such apps.

Bitcoin Mining On Android

Is it possible to mine crypto through Android? well, the answer is no.

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There are several crypto websites that boast about certain Android applications that let you mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

For instance, an app called MinerGate mobile miner allows users to mine multiple altcoins like Dash, Monero, QuazarCoin, MonetaVerde, and DigitalNote.

However, it is strictly advisable to use professional mining gear to mine crypto as it is an extensive energy-consuming process and may damage your smartphone/Android device permanently.

In addition to this, Android devices are not reliable when it comes to crypto mining due to their limited ability to handle extreme energy conditions.

Several websites also offer free crypto rewards alongside offering free software to mine crypto in general. However, they may misleading and may also corrupt your desktop and Android.

Any website that boasts of selling apps that support Android crypto mining may also be an active scam hence users should be cautious while dealing with such apps and should conduct proper research before exploring android crypto mining options.

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