COD Mobile Blackout Map Guide For Battle Royale Mode

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COD Mobile Season 8 is set to introduce the fan-favourite Blackout map to battle royale mode. Players are excited to see how the developer has reworked the very first battle royale map in the Call Of Duty series.

This map was first introduced in Black Ops 4, and it features iconic locations across an enormous landscape that will be fully replicated for mobile, including all later map additions like Hijacked and Ghost Town.


So if you're eager to know more about the Blackout map coming to COD Mobile Season 8, then we have you covered. Here's our comprehensive guide to the new battle royale map.

COD Mobile Season 8 Blackout Map Release Date

Blackout arrived in COD Mobile on September 22 at 1 AM BST/5 PM PT. The map is an iconic representation of all the locations familiarized in the multiplayer mode.

Areas like Nuketown Island, Firing Range will be available on the map. Sadly for battle royale fans, the Isolated Map will be replaced by Blackout once it arrives in-game.

Let’s take a good look at some of the major POIs that will be present in the new Blackout map in COD Mobile Season 8.

This image features a cinematic view of the Blackout map coming to COD Mobile Season 8.
Credit: Activision
Stills from the Blackout map in COD Mobile Season 8

Major Locations

Raid (Estates)

Raid is one of the two mansions that define Estates, the northernmost named location on the Blackout map. First seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, this large complex sees battle break out among the iconic sculpture, pool, and basketball court. Keep your eyes peeled in the contentious middle courtyard, and escape to the south when things get too heated.


First featured in the original Black Ops multiplayer mode, Array comes straight out of the frozen tundra to the sunny skies of Blackout. Array’s main feature is its central building, a hot spot for close-quarters action in an otherwise spacious area. Unlike its snowy cousin, Array in Blackout has a few more buildings to explore around the circular relay station, which could be filled with some valuable loot.

Firing Range

This part of the Blackout map should be familiar territory to practically anyone who has played a Black Ops title. Besides the familiar central layout — including that pesky lookout tower — Firing Range also features several surrounding buildings and obstacle courses with tons of loot. Be warned, though: positioned in the centre of the map, Firing Range is sure to become a hot spot in many matches.


Nuketown Island

The crown jewel of the Black Ops series, Nuketown gets its own island off the western shore of Blackout’s mainland. Not only does Nuketown Island extend the nuclear testing grounds’ fake neighbourhood up on the surface, but it also features an underground network of rooms and tunnels that can be accessed from several locations…including the bunker behind the blue house.

Ghost Town

Pack a revolver and head to the southeast near Turbine to duke it out in this classic Wild West environment. Ghost Town is based on the Outlaw Multiplayer map from Black Ops 3, featuring plenty of two-story buildings scattered around the area, great for snipers and other sharpshooters looking for the high ground advantage when the duelling starts.

Cargo Docks

Southeast of Nuketown Island is the Cargo Docks, inspired by the Black Ops II multiplayer map Cargo. This area has plenty of open space between containers, encouraging long-range gunfights and tactical use of cover. The main cargo rig may have short-circuited and no longer moves containers around, but there is still loot lying in and around the containers.

COD Mobile Season 8 Blackout Map Tips And Tricks

Activision recently released a blog that features some much-needed tips and tricks for battle royale players. For battle royale experts, the new map will feature the same mechanics from the Isolated map in COD Mobile.

This means that Operator Skills and Class abilities will be usable on the new map. Fans are also excited to see how the developer will add upgrade terminals throughout the Blackout map in Season 8.

New COD Mobile players will play the Blackout map for the first time, so it is imperative to keep these pointers in mind before dropping from the aeroplane.

Here are five essential tips and tricks to master the Blackout map in COD Mobile Season 8.

See the Sights: Blackout is a huge map offering a vastly different play experience compared to Isolated. Whether you’re returning to the field or deploying here for the first time, make sure to explore far and wide. The better you understand the layout, the better your chances of survival.


New Mechanics in Familiar Environments: Even if you’ve already played Blackout or the maps its environments are based on, Call of Duty: Mobile’s unique battle royale classes offer whole new ways to strategize. Throw out decoys on Nuketown Island using the Trickster, track enemy activity in the Firing Range with the Scout’s Sensor Dart, or call in a Medic to pick up the pieces when incoming damage gets heavy.

Play to Your Strengths: Blackout’s wide-open terrain is perfect for long-range battles with sniper rifles and LMGs, while battles in its interior spaces are often won by the Operators with the best close to mid-range weapons. Always consider the weapons and equipment on hand when determining where to make your next stand. Not content with your position? Grab a vehicle and move on.

Don’t Be Shy: Nuketown? Firing Range? Array? Don’t let these iconic locations scare you off, even if you’re a first-timer. The best way to improve your confidence is by heading straight into the fire. Just keep queuing up for the next one when you get burned.

Communicate and Plan: Whatever your strategy, it’s vital that you keep your squad informed of your plans, even as they change under shifting circumstances. Heading solo into Nuketown will likely get you eliminated, but heading there as a well-equipped squad? Opposing Operators better watch out.