COD: Mobile - The Best Locus Loadout in Season 9

What is the best Locus loadout for COD: Mobile Season 9? COD: Mobile's latest season, The Nightmare, is now live, and it introduces several new changes. The weapons meta is favouring sniper rifles once again in COD: Mobile, which means it is all about the weapon of choice.

While there are a host of Sniper Rifles to choose from in COD: Mobile, the Locus retains its number one spot in the meta. It is assuredly the best Sniper to use in multiplayer mode in Season 9.

To this day, the Locus remains one of COD: Mobile's S-tier weapons, particularly for players who like to hold down off angles and choke points with snipers.

Here is the best Locus loadout to use in the multiplayer ranked mode in COD: Mobile Season 9.

Best Locus Attachments

The current meta in COD: Mobile Season 8 can favour SMGs like the Fennec, QQ9, and assault rifles like the DR-H and AS-Val in both ranked and public matches. All these weapons have a high fire rate and can be easily countered by sniper rifles.

Here are the best attachments for the Locus:

  • Barrel - YKM Lightweight Short
  • Laser - OWC Tactical
  • Ammunition - Stopping Power Reload
  • Stock - OWC Skeleton
  • Rear Grip - Stippled Grip Tape

The Locus' standout strength is its high mobility, which makes a huge difference in-game. Players using different sniper rifles like the DL Q33 will fall short in front of a Locus user.

Similarly, you can use these attachments to reduce the ADS time. This will not only help to quick-scope at close-range but also allow you to take precise fights at mid to long-range. You can also choose to use the Sleight of Hand perk instead of the Grip Tape. This will facilitate faster reloads rather than compensating for control.

Best Locus Perks

With the proper loadout, you can run with the Locus aggressively to camp at enemy spawns. This will always ensure kills, but you will often have to mix up your position, as opponents will tend to make a note of the sniper.

In short, the Locus is perhaps the best sniper rifle to use in Search and Destroy. Here are some Perk combinations you can use to maximize mobility and give you the edge in-game:

  • Lightweight - Toughness - High Alert
  • Agile - Cold Blooded - Alert
  • Lightweight - Amped - Dead Silence

These Perk combinations are discretionary and should be used based on your own personal style. Having the proper combinations will allow snipers to sneak into enemy territory and spawn trap enemies while remaining undetected.

Tips And Tricks

Most players tend to follow only two ways to play with a sniper rifle in COD: Mobile. It's either camping and holding angles or aggressive pushes to lock down specific areas of the map.

Thankfully, players fulfil both those roles with a sniper rifle like the Locus. Due to its high mobility, you can quickly run from one spot to another. At the same time, you can have that close-range advantage over SMGs and ARs if you have the proper attachments for quick-scoping.

Using a Sniper Rifle in COD: Mobile can become frustrating, especially if opponents can predict your location every time. Therefore, it's best to move between multiple vantage points to confuse the enemy.

Communicating with teammates will also help you to secure easy kills. Stacking a single bombsite with four players will automatically force your opponents to rotate to the other side. This is effectively where the sniper rifle comes into play. With proper communication, you can get easy frags on unaware enemies by just playing the objective.

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