COD Mobile: How To Complete Daytime Side Mission In Undead Siege?

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COD Mobile brought back the fan-favourite Zombie mode in and it's called the Undead Siege in Season 6. Players will get to grind this mode for a limited time before it's shuffled.

The Undead Siege Battle Pass has 50 tiers of free rewards. To unlock these rewards and progress through the Battle Pass, players have to earn XP by completing various missions and challenges.


A new game mode brings new challenges and rewards for players to obtain. Similarly, this new game mode comes with several missions that players will have to complete.

The Daytime Side Missions is one of these challenges that will reward players with 10000 plus Battle Pass XP. So here's everything you need to know about completing this challenge in COD Mobile Season 6.

Daytime Side Missions

The Daytime Side Mission is a weekly challenge that will go away at the end of seven days. Players will have to maximize their effort to complete this mission within the time limit.

In Season 6, the Undead Siege has two difficulty levels, Casual and Hard. Playing the Hard mode will allow the player to contest the global ranks, but is relatively more challenging.


Thus, players can try to complete most of their side missions and cosmetics grind in the Casual Mode. The best way to do this would be to maximize your effort with effective coordination.

After the end of the second night, new missions will pop up on the screen. Players can access these missions through the mini-map, and visit the POIs in time to start the mission.

Currently, there are multiple side missions, and players only have over two minutes to complete them. Some of the most popular side missions include fighting the Butcher Zombie Boss at the Farm POI on the Isolated map.

The most prevalent quest in Daytime Side Mission is to find and break Aether Crystal Cluster. These are spread across the Isolated map, and players will have to rush to these Aether Clusters to get the maximum amount of loot and materials.

Destroying these huge Aether crystal clusters will be difficult especially as players will have to defend themselves from zombies.

However, players need not worry about completing these missions as attempting them will automatically fetch 15000 Battle Pass XP at the end of the match.


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Common Spots To Visit

Most of the gameplay during the Daytime in Undead Siege will revolve around collecting materials and completing missions. Thus, players need to know every nook and corner of the map to reach all the POIs in time.

Some good spots to visit and farm Aether Essence are as follows:

  • Killhouse
  • Farm
  • Launch Base
  • Bus Station
  • Diner
  • Sakura
  • Nuclear Plant

These locations will always have Zombies spawning, and players will find Aether Essence in abundance as ground loot. Players can always kill the zombies to gather more ammo and grind for Aether Weapon Camos.

The best way to complete all the Daytime Side Mission in COD Mobile Undead Siege would be to do it in Casual Mode.

However, if you want to jump into the Hard Mode, make sure to read our tips and tricks to survive all five days in COD Mobile Undead Siege.