COD Mobile Season 8 Update - New Blackout Map, New Weapons and More Details

The COD Mobile Season 8 Update is right around the corner, and fans can expect some massive changes coming their way with the 2nd Anniversary event. The famous Blackout battle royale map is coming to the game, but this means that the fan-favourite Isolated map will be removed next season.

At the same time, Alcatraz was added recently as a rotational mode and will remain in-game until the next season arrives. The developers also informed on social media that two new weapons will arrive with the next update.

So, if you're eager to learn more about the new changes coming to COD Mobile Season 8, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about COD Mobile's 2nd Anniversary Update.

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COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date And Update Time

COD Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary Update is scheduled to release on 22nd September at 1:00 AM BST/ 5:00 PM PDT. This update is going to be one of the biggest the community has seen in recent seasons.

Fans are speculating that almost all the popular game modes will return with weekly rotations. Game modes like 10v10 Deathmatch, Prop Hunt, Attack Of The Undead and more.

Subsequently, Activision devs informed on Reddit that Season 8 will have enormous content drops for f2p players who love grinding challenges and quests.

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COD Mobile Season 8 Update - Patch Notes

Activision is yet to release the official patch notes for the COD Mobile Season 8 update. However, we can make an educated assumption based on all the social media posts hinting at new changes.

Besides the new battle royale map, fans can expect to see two new weapons coming to the game. The R9-0 & M13 will arrive with the COD Mobile 2nd Anniversary update.

Similarly, the fan-favourite Undead Siege mode will not return in Season 8. However, the developers informed us that it would arrive in Season 9, with a better progression system and more grindable rewards.

All the seasonal challenges will be rotated once the new update drops on 22nd September. Make sure to complete all the remaining challenges to earn maximum XP for the battle pass.

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COD Mobile Season 8 Blackout Battle Royale Map

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In the last community update for Season 7, the developers mentioned that Blackout, the first-ever Battle Royale map for Call of Duty, is coming to the game!

Blackout was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Like Isolated, it features numerous iconic Call of Duty locations, like Firing Range, Hijacked, Nuketown and Raid.

This news came as a ray of hope for battle royale fans who were eagerly waiting for a new map. However, this means that players will have to bid adieu to the Isolated map, which has been the cornerstone of the BR community.

This brand-new map will be available on the launch of the new season, and fans can expect some massive changes from COD Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary update.

New BR Class

With the new map, Activision is looking to introduce new settings and mechanics specifically for BR players. The public test servers featured a new class that works like a jet-pack allowing players to fly temporarily.

Apex Legends fans can relate to this, as the new "Grasshopper" class might function similar to Valkyrie's abilities. This means that a new rotational class is coming to the game, something which the community wanted for ages.

There is not much to go on besides this for the new BR Grasshopper class, but we will update this section once the new Season goes live.

New Weapons

The R9-0 Shotgun and the M13 AR is coming to COD Mobile Season 8 with the 2nd Anniversary Update. These two weapons were also in COD Modern Warfare, and fans are delighted to see them arrive in the COD Mobile.

The M13 is an automatic assault rifle featuring a short-stroke piston system that keeps the fire rate high and the recoil low. It was criticized by Warzone players for being the slowest killing weapon in-game. The low-recoil comes with a relatively inferior TTK as compared to other Assault Rifles.

Likewise, the R9-0, a.k.a the DP-12 is a double-barrel shotgun with high damage. The weapon might feature a special incendiary ammunition attachment, similar to the one in Modern Warfare. It will be interesting to see how the devs change these weapons to suit the mobile game.

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