VCT NA LCQ: Cloud9 Soundly Defeats Version1 To Secure Upper Bracket Semi Finals Spot

VALORANT Champions Tour NA LCQ resumed on 27th October 2021, and Cloud9 Blue came out swinging in their clash against Version1. Their next match will be against Rise in the upper semi-finals.

Cloud9 Blue went through significant roster changes over the past few months, and fans are excited to see what lies ahead for this set of players. Nathan "leaf" Orf displayed his potential to deliver results under intense pressure, showing a lot of promise as an MVP for Cloud9.

On the flipside, VCT Masters 2 Reykjavik qualified Version1 failed to live up to the expectation. Their uninspiring performance against Cloud9 resulted in defeat, and now they will have to face FaZe Clan in the lower bracket of the NA LCQ.

Before you jump into the results, make sure to check out everything you need to know about Agent 17 Deadeye. Don't forget that a new Map 8 is also coming to VALORANT soon, possibly with Episode 4 Act 1.

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VCT NA LCQ: Cloud9 Blue Walked Past Version 1 With 2-0 Victory

The VCT NA LCQ resumed on 27th October 2021, with 100 Thieves sitting at the upper finals spot, one step closer to VALORANT Champions. Meanwhile, Rise, Cloud9 Blue, Gen.G, Luminosity, FaZe Clan, and Version1 are still looking to progress in the tournament.

Cloud9 Blue won 2-0 against Version1 to progress to the upper bracket semifinal. Here are the results from VCT NA LCQ Cloud9 Blue vs Version 1.

Map 1: Breeze

Match MVP: Nathan "leaf" Orf (23 kills, 313 ACS)

The first map was Version1's pick, and it turned out to be a disastrous event for them. Cloud9 controlled the tempo of the match from the first two rounds itself. They started on defence and stopped Version1 from entering either of the Spike Site.

Version1 could only manage four round victories while attacking, and this gave Cloud9 Blue to experiment with various strategies during their attack. The second half followed the same pattern as the first, and Version1 could only manage to put up five rounds on the scorecard. The final scoreline of 13-5 ended in favour of Cloud9 Blue who established their dominance on the first map.

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Map 2: Icebox

Match MVP: Jordan "Zellis" Montemurro (26 kills, 352 ACS)

Icebox was Cloud9 Blue, and they started poorly to give Version1 an early 3-0 lead on the map. After the first five rounds, it seemed as if Version1 would prevail in the first half, but Cloud9 came back miraculously. The first half ended with a 7-5 scoreline in favour of Cloud9 Blue.

Cloud9 swept the last five rounds of the first half, and this was the major turning point in the match. Version1 could barely recover from that as they started the second half disastrously. C9 took charge right from the start of the pistol round.

Version1 won four consecutive rounds after that, but it didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Cloud9 wrapped up the match convincingly with a 13-9 scoreline to progress to the upper semi-finals of VCT NA LCQ.

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