"This Isn't The End Of Steel": Nadeshot On 100 Thieves Replacing Steel From The VALORANT Roster

VALORANT fans around the world were left in shock when 100 Thieves recently announced that Josh "Steel" Nissan will be temporarily benched for the upcoming LCQ. Steel, who has led the side throughout, will step down, and his replacement is none other than Aaron "boi" Thao.

In a recent live stream, Nadeshot, owner of 100 Thieves spoke about Steel getting benched before the NA Last Chance Qualifiers. He was quite frank and he mentioned that 100 Thieves are trying something different.

Nadeshot also highlighted that this is not the end of Steel or 100 Thieves. Their main goal with this roster change is to try something different at the LCQ. 100 Thieves are currently the favourites to go through as the final team from NA to VALORANT Champions.

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VALORANT: Nadeshot Confirms That Steel Will Return For 100 Thieves

On 27th September, 100 Thieves officially announced the arrival of Aaron "boi" Thao. Joshua "Steel" Nissan was benched and the former Counter-Strike pro had a few words to say.

He mentioned on his personal Twitter that this is not the end of him. Steel will return competitive VALORANT during the 2022 VCT Season. This means that 100 Thieves will continue with his replacement until the VALORANT Champions 2021.

Steel did not have a particularly good tournament during Masters Berlin. In fact, he mentioned numerous times at post-match conferences that this is far from him doing his best. Statistics from VLR.gg confirm that Steel had the fourth-lowest average damage per round out of every North American player.

In Nadeshot's last stream he revealed his thoughts on Steel getting benched by 100 Thieves. He said, "I love Josh, I think he is an incredible player and the team just needed something different."

Nadeshot further clarified, "I don't play with the players every day. I am not in scrims, I am not in their meeting, I'm not in any of that, so I'm sure the players will talk about it. This isn't the end of Steel, this isn't the end of his career, this isn't the end for 100 Thieves. We got to try something different."

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100 Thieves Circuit Points For LCQ And Current VALORANT Roster

The current lineup for 100 Thieves will be:

Thanks to their performance in Masters Berlin, the team is currently leading the circuit points in the North American region. They currently have 375 circuit points and stand third in line to Sentinels and Team Envy.

Both Sentinels and Envy have qualified for VALORANT Champions, and it will be interesting to see if 100 Thieves can join them. Version 1 and FaZe Clan are also deemed tough competitors to go up against in the LCQ.

As for the team, the players are still in preparation for the NA LCQ which begins on 12th October 2021. 100 Thieves fans are certain that boi's inclusion in the roster will help them secure the final spot from North America.

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