APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier: Tournament Format, Broadcast Schedule And More Details

VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin is currently in its playoff stages, and a champion will be crowned soon. They will directly qualify for VALORANT Champions which is scheduled to happen later this year.

Riot Games recently revealed the schedule and necessary details for VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. Teams who do not qualify for Champions during Masters 3, will be given one last chance to fight for a place at the event through the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) that is scheduled from October 11-17.

With Masters Berlin now underway, teams are competing for Circuit points that will allow them to qualify for the upcoming VALORANT Champions 2021. VCT’s inaugural end-of-year final is scheduled to return to Berlin in December.

So, if you are eager to know more about VALORANT Champions, and the teams fighting in the APAC LCQ, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about the Last Chance Qualifiers.

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VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifier Team Allocation

The APAC LCQ will see 10 teams from 5 regions compete for a single spot at Champions. Current LCQ team allocations are as follows:

  • Southeast Asia - 3
  • China - 2
  • Korea - 2
  • Japan - 2
  • South Asia - 1

Slots will be awarded to teams who hold the most Circuit points in the region and have not already qualified for the event. These teams are determined following the outcome of the Stage 3 Masters tournament in Berlin.

Slots will also be allocated in regions where Circuit points were not awarded. In this case, the top-performing teams from the largest events to date will be invited to participate in the APAC LCQ.

VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers Format

This image features the format for the upcoming APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier hosted by Riot Games.
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Credit: Riot Games
APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier format

To create the 10 team bracket, the top-seeded teams from Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan will be seeded into the second round with the rule that Southeast Asian teams cannot be matched with each other in the initial rounds. The remaining teams will be randomly seeded for the first round.

Teams will fight through a double-elimination bracket with a best-of-3 format at each stage between October 11-16, before culminating in the Grand Finals which will be in a best-of-5 format on October 17. The victorious team will be awarded one final seat in the upcoming VALORANT Champions, and a chance to represent their region in VCT’s first-ever global finals tournament!

Maintaining the competitive integrity of our tournaments, while ensuring the health and safety of all our teams, players and crew, are top priorities for Riot Games.

Thus, in light of tightening travel restrictions and increasing quarantine requirements across the APAC region, Riot has decided to hold this year’s APAC LCQ as a streamlined, online-only event.

Where To Watch The APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier?

Fans can catch the live action from APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier, starting from October 11th, 2021. The official broadcasts will start from 3 PM GMT +8 for the initial rounds and 5 PM GMT +8 for semi-finals and finals.

You can catch the action live on any of the following channels based on your region and preferred language:

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