VALORANT: The Best Sentinel Agents To Play On Ascent Map

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What are the best VALORANT Sentinel Agents to play on the Ascent map in Episode 3 Act 2? There are sixteen Agents currently in the pool, and each presents a unique perspective with their abilities.

Episode 3 Act 2 also introduced a new map to the game called Fracture, and it will enter competitive matchmaking from 22nd September 2021. This means that players will now have more opportunities to push rank with a new map in play.


Regardless, Ascent will always remain in competitive matchmaking, and it rarely gets vetoed by teams in grand tournaments. The Venice themed map is remarkably popular for its design. This is one of the reasons Sentinel Agents thrive on Ascent.

Professional teams often prefer creative Agent compositions for Ascent, especially because of how rewarding the map can be. So, if you want to know more about the best VALORANT Sentinel Agents to use on Ascent, then we have you covered!

In this article, we will discuss what Sentinel agents work the best on the map ‘Ascent’ and what are the different possible ways to utilize them to get the best results for your team. Let's talk a little about the map first.

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VALORANT Ascent Map Guide: What Works And What Doesn't?

Ascent is a map that is pretty straightforward to understand. It has five main important areas that one needs to know. A-Main, B Main, Mid, Market, and Catwalk.
For attackers, the entry point of all these five major areas is pretty small, hence could be an advantage if they commit to one site and trade the defending player, get the plant, and play post-plant from thereon.


That is why it becomes very important for a sentinel character to hold the enemies on a defending site and allow their teammates to rotate as soon as possible. If the attackers are splitting up instead of committing to one particular site, it becomes important for the sentinel character to block the entry, or set up any ability that gives you information if an attacker later on in the round tries to enter that site.

This has to be done before the Sentinel character rotates towards any other side of the map. This will allow the defending team to entirely focus on one spike site of the map without having any pressure about the other site.

On the attacking side of this map, the Sentinel character plays an important role in the post-plant scenario. The attackers can lock the Market doors if they are playing on B site, and they can lock the Catwalk/Tree side door if they are playing on A site.

Now the attackers have one less angle to worry about. The remaining angles can either be blocked or some info abilities can be set up there. These are some of the ways a Sentinel Character can play on this map.

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VALORANT: Best Sentinel Agents To Play On Ascent

Sentinel Agents are an important element of any good team. Usually, at the highest level of VALORANT we get to see a minimum of one or a maximum of two sentinel Agents picked by different teams.


They are defence-oriented and hence play a key role on the defending side. On the attacking side, they mostly provide support to other Agents while entering a specific site and are helpful in post-plant situations.

Some abilities of these Sentinel Agents also ensure that you and your teammates don't get backstabbed during the attacking side. Well, as said before, teams either pick one or a maximum of two Sentinel Agents. If your team is good on the attacking side, you can play two Sentinel Agents, as you will be getting entries most of the time on any particular site of the map.

Hence after gaining control of the spike site, you have two Sentinels to help in the post-plant situation. If your attacking side is bad, you might want to choose only one Sentinel and select more duelists/initiators to help you better on the attacking side.

#1 Killjoy

Killjoy is the most picked Sentinel Agent on this map. She can play versatile roles on this map. Her ultimate ability(lockdown) is very important for this map. It can be used on the attacking side to trap enemies on either site, providing safe attacking entry to her teammates.

On the defending side, the same ability can be used for a retake or to force back the rushing attackers. Her turret can be set up on the defending side providing information as well as giving some damage to the enemies. This turret can very well be combined with her swamp grenades on the entry points, providing severe damage to the enemy team and also frustrating them.


Her alarm bot can easily be triggered if an enemy steps on it. The best way to use the alarm bot is to set it up, take cover behind a certain object, wait for the bot to get triggered, instantly peek and get an easy kill (as the bot also makes the enemy more vulnerable).On the attacking side, the turret can be used for either post plants or just to gain info about a particular site.

The rest of her abilities can be used for post plant situations. The swamp grenades can be set up on the planted spike and can easily be triggered if one tries to get the defuse.

The only disadvantage of this character is it needs to stay alive to trigger most of her abilities. Only the ultimate ability i.e her lockdown stays active unless one destroys it. Alternatively, the turret and the bot can be set up to watch backstab on the attacking side.

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#2 Sage

Sage can be an important agent on this map. She can wall off one particular entry point after gaining control of one site, hence providing excellent post-plant defence. On hearing any footsteps, she can also use her slow orb to slow down the enemies, hence buying more time for her team.


The same can be applied while defending a particular site, buying more time for her teammates to rotate. On entering B site, she can also wall the ult orb box, climbing on top of the wall, and getting major info/kills from the window. If the attackers are splitting up most of the time, walling off mid will reduce most of the rotation burden for the defending team.

Do check out our advanced Sage Agent Guide to understand her role in VALORANT.

Cypher is not often picked on this map due to his limited uses on the attacking side. On the defending side, his abilities do reveal a lot of information, but they don't deal any damage unlike most abilities of Killjoy or hold back the enemies unlike most of Sage’s abilities

Thus, Killjoy and Sage are the two best Sentinel Agents players need to learn on Ascent to master the Ranked grind before VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 begins!

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